With the Royal baby due...

  Graham* 15:33 22 Jul 2013

Will the church bells ring out to let us know when it arrives? I need start celebrating as soon as possible.

  bumpkin 16:41 22 Jul 2013

What have you got planned, a desoldering party.

  lotvic 18:16 22 Jul 2013

Graham*, you've still got time for a practice session.

  morddwyd 19:33 22 Jul 2013

"Will the church bells ring out"

Last time that happened I ran and hid myself from the Germans!

  Quiller. 20:15 22 Jul 2013

To late. Our village peelers have been banging out tunes for the last hour.

Will have to put on Sky noos to see when it is the Royal peel.


last important event, think it was the millennium, head peeler dropped down, brown bread while giving it stick.

Will check for ambulances when the Royal peel is in full swing.

  Al94 20:39 22 Jul 2013

It's a boy

  Graham* 01:04 23 Jul 2013

No bells, then.

  Quickbeam 06:54 23 Jul 2013

No need to buy any papers for the rest of the week then... you know what's in them.

  WhiteTruckMan 07:46 23 Jul 2013

I feel my life being immeasurably enriched already....


  spuds 10:33 23 Jul 2013

I think that I have already had my fill of over exited television commentator's, especially when I was hoping to watch a television programme that was cancelled.

  Quickbeam 11:03 23 Jul 2013

I was listening to Tuffers and Vaughan on 5Live when the news interrupted their cricket programme. One of them commented that they might get to go home early!

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