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Royal Artillery Coastal Gunnery School

  alB 21:48 24 Aug 2010

Last weekend we had a stroll around the Great Orme, LLandudno and found a few remains from the gunnery school that was in operation from 1940-45 I have found some information and pictures on the net click here but am eager to know more, has anyone any recollections of the site or perhaps was trained there during the war ...alB

  morddwyd 08:22 25 Aug 2010

Coastal gunnery.

Memories of "A gun is situated on a clifftop at X feet high and has a muzzle velocity of X. What elevation of the gun would be required to hit a vessel X miles offshore?"

Why in God's name did they think we needed to know that?

There were tables for that sort of thing, and anyway I was in the air force.

Just pull the nose up a bit!

  alB 19:10 25 Aug 2010

Some pics from the site (hopefully) click here ...alB

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