rown Could Stay PM Despite Trailing In Polls!

  Uboat 12:38 26 Feb 2010

Whats your views on this?

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  peter99co 13:08 26 Feb 2010

Lord Butler told MPs it was a "popular myth" Gordon Brown would have to resign if Labour failed to secure an overall majority after the general election.

He could stay in office until it was "clear" he did not have the support to continue governing

"Can we assume that the civil service is up and ready for this? No."

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  JYPX 14:22 26 Feb 2010

I can think of far worse things than a hung Parliament with the Libdems having huge influence as we recover from the world downturn:
Vince Cable would be in number 11
Ming Campbell would have a senior cabinet position.
The Libdem flagship policy, on taxation, would be implemented thus taking those earning less than £10k out of taxation....

  Snec 14:27 26 Feb 2010

I think the problem is that most people now have no idea which party is the most likely to do the least damage if they get in.

I have voted Tory all my life but I have no faith in 'Call me Dave' who clearly models himself on Blair, but isn't as clever. I can't vote Tory this time and Labour always leave things worse on exit so the mess we are in is not a surprise to anyone with a bit of history.

Yes, Brown may get in but, as the UK is in terminal decline with no manufacturing base, it really doesn't matter now who gets in. The country has changed out of all recognition, it won't improve, if it ever does, for several generations to come. For now, I'm afraid, it's game over! It doesn't matter to me who wins.

  lotvic 15:06 26 Feb 2010

I misread your thread title - and thought this was about rowan atkinson ;@)

  morddwyd 20:44 26 Feb 2010

And why not?

Could he be much worse?!

  sunnystaines 21:13 26 Feb 2010

I think the reason cameron has gone from being on the ball and very sharp to a damp sqiud[also reflected in recent polls the gap has narrowed] with just bare minimum critism of labour is that he seen the extent of the mess and would rather wait another 4 years and leave labour to sort the mess out

  Uboat 22:25 26 Feb 2010

Snec i totaly agree!! WHO do we vote for?? Who do we trust? Expenses?/Legislation/Cuts.??? ITs just ALL wrong!!! we should be able to see through the mist! the "Politicaly Correct!" has drawn a dark cloud over us !!

  lotvic 22:34 26 Feb 2010


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