Rotten composting advice...

  Brumas 09:14 10 Jun 2009

Whilst skimming through the blurb about River Cottage I was horrified to read the following "from food destined for the compost heap.These include canapes from leftover fish, gnocchi fromroast potatoes..."

I was always taught never to compost food that had been cooked amongst, other things. All they will do is attract vermin....!

  JanetO 09:47 10 Jun 2009

That's right. Our Surrey council provides one bin for compost and a separate one for waste food. Hugh double-barrel needs to revise his policies.

  laurie53 10:30 10 Jun 2009

Not just food that has been cooked; raw meat, raw fish etc. will also attract vermin.

The only food I compost is uncooked veg, sometimes stuff like yogurt and sour milk as it is already in a state of decomposition.

  Covergirl 12:38 10 Jun 2009

Maybe the FW stands for some other well known words . . . .?

  Taff™ 13:03 10 Jun 2009

Here`s a commercial system I had some involvement with a couple of years back. It can turn most organic matter, raw or cooked into compost within a couple of days. It is used in commercial bakeries, motorway service stations and large canteens to deal with food waste. Follow the "Overview" link at the bottom of the first page. click here

  Brumas 17:42 10 Jun 2009

Very nice and hi-tech Taff but, to quote a much maligned cliché, in the old days didn't they just feed it all to pigs who demolished it all and at the same time grew bigger and fatter in the process.

  Taff™ 09:02 11 Jun 2009

Hi Brumas - quite correct but that became illegal just after we realised that was how Mad Cow Disease was transferred to humans. (I think!) Anyway, this process involves a constant high temperature (>70 degrees)and the use of some pretty hungry microbes that multiply faster as you keep feeding them. The end product is a very rich organic compost which needs to be mixed with top soil before general horticultural use. It can also be used as a fuel and burns almost as efficiently as Peat.

  lotvic 11:44 11 Jun 2009

thanks for that, took me by suprise -
I can't stop laughing :D

  Covergirl 12:19 11 Jun 2009

. . . for composting food, namely the Green Cone click here aka the Green Johanna click here and Bokashi buckets click here , but HFW should really specify to use one of these systems and NOT to put cooked food onto the ordinary compost heap.

  Brumas 15:24 11 Jun 2009

The ending made me chuckle, it was priceless!

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