Ross Brawn double Standards

  Strawballs 22:46 10 Jun 2010

click here He is saying Mercedes should not supply engines to other teams.

He did not complain when they supplied the engines to his winning team when they owned 60% of McLarean, if they thought the same way as him he would not have had an engine anywhere near as good as the one that helped him win the championship.

  al's left peg 22:49 10 Jun 2010

That might be so, but it was the advantage of the aero design of the back end of the car that won his team the championship.

  Strawballs 22:59 10 Jun 2010

Yes but without a competitive and reliable enginge that would have ment nothing, and my point is when he was the other team it was OK now he has changed his tune.

That would be like Renault stop suppying Red Bull, Ferrari Torro Rosso and Force India Etc

  al's left peg 23:59 10 Jun 2010

To be honest, I can see where you are coming from. I firmly believe though all this sharing of engines should never of been allowed in the first place. One team should have one engine by one manufacturer or they should all run the exact same engine issued by one supplier.
I can't believe that say Maclaren were the prefered car of say Mercedes engines, and Torro Rosso also had that engine. Now just imagine that Torro Rosso advanced their aerodynamics or suspension packages and started beating the Maclarens. I think that Mercedes would force info sharing to ensure their prefered team gained an advantage.
That's why I think it is one team, one engine or all teams the same engine. That's just my opinion though.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:21 11 Jun 2010

would be a switch to external combustion engines.


  beeuuem 00:39 11 Jun 2010

Sterling F1?
No stopping for coal/ coke or gas during the race?

  Quickbeam 07:11 11 Jun 2010

My dad used to tell me tails of the firemen on steam wagons raking the hot clinker onto the road and causing the following car with pneumatic tyres to get punctures. Would that be a permitted tactic...?

  Quickbeam 07:11 11 Jun 2010

...even tales...

  Ford Prefect 01 11:51 11 Jun 2010

He is not saying anything of the sort.

What he did say was that Mercedes should think carefully before supplying extra teams. That is supplying engines to more than six cars i.e. three teams, as last year, when Mercedes supplied McLaren, Force India and Brawn.

click here

  Noldi 12:01 11 Jun 2010

When you think each team used to use about 70 engines per year, now cut to 16 (8 per driver). Supplying several teams with a standard engine with no updates should not be a problem should it???. I think what he is saying Cosworth came back to F1 to supply customer engines and they should be fist place to call, but would he be happy with a Cosworth engine??.


  Strawballs 22:55 11 Jun 2010

I think that would be a very big NO he is thinking of ways of getting nearer to McLaren who last yr were 60% owned by Merc and he was the customer.

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