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Rory Stewart to leave conservative

  Teabag. 10:02 04 Oct 2019

Party and stand down as a mp.

Rats leaving sinking ship?

  alanrwood 10:42 04 Oct 2019

No, a very principled move from Rory. I personally had a great deal of time for him during the leadership election and I am not a Tory voter.

  john bunyan 10:46 04 Oct 2019

Ditto from me

  john bunyan 10:50 04 Oct 2019

Seems he is to run as an independent candidate for London Mayor

Rory Stewart

  Forum Editor 22:35 04 Oct 2019

"No, a very principled move from Rory."

Don't be so naive - Rory is thinking of Rory's future career first and foremost.

  Dunk 06:26 05 Oct 2019

Forum Editor

Spot on, he had tweeted just a couple of days ago that he had no further 'announcements' to make about his future . Cynic in me says "Once a politician, always a politician".

He loves his constituency, so London (about as far away from Cumbria that you can get) must seem perfect for him!

  morddwyd 09:14 05 Oct 2019

Thank you FE.

Some seem to regard him as a latter day messiah, but he is simply chucking his toys out of the pram because he no ,longer influence (not that he ever had very much anyway).

  rickf 09:30 05 Oct 2019

Don't be so naive - Rory is thinking of Rory's future career first and foremost.

...and BJ isn't of course.

  alanrwood 09:50 05 Oct 2019


I am not naive and been around a lot longer than you. You do not know me to make such a derogatory remark just because we do not agree. I am quite able to hold my own opinion on Rory without such a demeaning response. I also do not think your analysis is correct.

  Forum Editor 22:43 06 Oct 2019


"I am not naive and been around a lot longer than you."

Being around for a long time doesn't automatically mean you aren't naive in this context, and anyway how on earth can you possibly know that you have been around a lot longer than me?

  john bunyan 23:14 06 Oct 2019

Rory is a fellow member of a club I belong to ( although I’ve never met him there as I go rarely), that indicates he has had an interesting career. Have a look at his CV and you wii see he has had a far wider experience than the PM. He may wish to be Mayor - what’s wrong with that?

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