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Roof repairs

  rickf 20:23 05 Feb 2014

Slopping extension tile roof has sprung a leak. No scaffolding needed as its a low roof accessible from back garden. Area 17x15 sq ft. Job: 1) Take off all lead work around back extension roof cutting some render off. 2) To remove all tiles 3) Take off all rotten felt and battens 4) Supply and fit new breathable felt 5) supply and fix new treated battens 6) re-tile roof replacing with new where needed. 7) supply and fix new code4 lead around roof 8) supply and fix a bell cast where lead meets main roof 9) to give main roof a full inspection for future reference 10) leave site clean and tidy.

Have a guess how much this will cost. Would be interested in your opinion?

  Ex plorer 10:22 06 Feb 2014

My roof is Stone slate and needed the slates removing and refitting Its a three bed house in the dales one Quote £10.000 one £3.000.

Included a scaffolding firm, to do three sides as my house as its an end terraced house.

Stripping roof of stone slates and re-fixing, Felt and replace all lathes and any other timber work that required replacing. Renew with second hand slates as required, one man 5 days work. £3000.00.

He worked hard and fast and made a very good job. A local builder who lives in the village. Shop around for prices I know both builders well who gave the quotes.

  rickf 10:33 06 Feb 2014

Thanks guys for all the info and knowledge. They came, went on the roof to inspect on a ladder. Told me no scaffolding needed. Still thinking about it. Not going to be rushed into things. I taped the gap between the slipped flashing and where it meets the roof and the leak has stopped. I now know that's where the source is. |They wouldn't just replace the flashings and re-render. haven't been able to find an independent one man band so far. They are all companies and I reckon the present people think just replacing the flashings is too small a job!!

  cruiser2 11:03 06 Feb 2014

If you live in the North West of England I can recommend a builder. He has recently put new lead flashing round the front bay window has we had a leak when it rained heavily.

  rickf 11:12 06 Feb 2014

Cruiser2, thanks. Unfortunately I am in Oxfordshire

  Simsy 21:36 06 Feb 2014

The arithmetic presented earlier was about right, giving £460... however, that doesn't take account of all the other expenses/running costs and actual profit that the business needs to make...

Van cost Insurance cost Fuel cost Tool cost Replacement tool cost Liability insurance cost "Down time" cost Bad payers cost etc...

These all have to be factored into ALL pricing, and something towards an actual profit for the business.

And then there's great variation in quality of workmanship. And the supply and demand equation!

The net result is that £460 is nowhere near a realistic price. It might be a realistic COST, but not a realistic price!

Of course, there's always the DIY route!



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