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Roof repairs

  rickf 20:23 05 Feb 2014

Slopping extension tile roof has sprung a leak. No scaffolding needed as its a low roof accessible from back garden. Area 17x15 sq ft. Job: 1) Take off all lead work around back extension roof cutting some render off. 2) To remove all tiles 3) Take off all rotten felt and battens 4) Supply and fit new breathable felt 5) supply and fix new treated battens 6) re-tile roof replacing with new where needed. 7) supply and fix new code4 lead around roof 8) supply and fix a bell cast where lead meets main roof 9) to give main roof a full inspection for future reference 10) leave site clean and tidy.

Have a guess how much this will cost. Would be interested in your opinion?

  Aitchbee 20:26 05 Feb 2014

~ £1500-£2000.

  lotvic 21:30 05 Feb 2014

2 men 1 day plus materials

1 tradesman £160, 1 labourer £100, materials (?guessimate) £200

Total cost if 1 day job £460 click here and scroll down to bottom info box 'How Tradesmen Works Out Job Prices..'

  rickf 21:54 05 Feb 2014

wow!! That's great. The roofer, a company, quoted me £1500. I thought it was a bit high. That's why I came to find suggestions. Aitchbee is on the button with his estimate. Taking what Lotvic has suggested I guess the truth is somewhere between.

  rickf 22:03 05 Feb 2014

No it's not an insurance job. I don't want to claim for this amount, It would bump up my premiums next year. If it were £5000 I would claim.

  woodchip 22:25 05 Feb 2014

You will get what you pay for, you need to find a builder roofer that you can trust and stick with him. not just use him as a crutch just when something goes wrong. treat him fair and he will most likely do the same with you. once you find the correct guy

  bumpkin 22:26 05 Feb 2014

It depends a lot upon where you live, I don't think that £1500.00 to £2000.00 is unreasonable if you live near London. I would suggest that you get others estimates though as I do not know your circumstances.

  Forum Editor 22:34 05 Feb 2014

The figure you were quoted is about right for a first-rate job.

  lotvic 22:48 05 Feb 2014

It depends on how many men and how many days. The figure I quoted from the website was for 2 men per day.

  bumpkin 23:05 05 Feb 2014

Don't forget that if it is a Bona Fide company the £1500 becomes £1800 when the VAT is added.

  spuds 00:22 06 Feb 2014

Regarding height and safety, I was informed that anything 2 metres or more requires scaffolding. I had a copper pipe installed along a wall, and the plumber/gas engineer refused to do the job unless scaffolding was obtained. He would not use a ladder to install and clip the pipe to the wall "due to safety regulations". Self erect put-together scaffolding arrived two days later, but a different plumber/gas engineer who arrived on that day refused to install the scaffolding and did the work from a ladder. Total waste of hiring scaffolding and having no heating on over the weekend, but I had to abide with what the plumber/gas engineer wanted or did.

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