Roof repair cost/quote, is it fair?

  rickf 16:15 19 May 2017

I have a leak in the roof of my extended kitchen. The roof area (my part as it's a semi-detached house) is approximately 11'x10'=110 sq. ft. Its a slopping tiled roof. The whole thing has to be taken out, batens replaced where needed, new sheet laid over and tiles put back and replaced with new ones if needed. The flashing needs minor adjustment but not replaced. Quoted £1300. 2 men job maybe 2 days. Is it a good quote? Any thoughts appreciated as I have no experience of roof repair costs.Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 16:25 19 May 2017

Get another quote then.

  oresome 16:28 19 May 2017

Ignoring any material costs, it works out at around £40 per man-hour which I would have thought was reasonable.

However, I'd be surprised if it actually takes 2 men 2 days to complete and think it could be completed in a day.

Getting three quotes is the way to establish a fair price.

  rickf 16:37 19 May 2017

It requires some cementing as well. He recommended that once laid the roof be painted over with a rubberised paint. It's likely that all the batens will have to be replaced and a new felt laid over. Will see about getting more quotes but I have only found this roofer after 3 days of searching. It seems either there are not many of them around or so busy that they couldn't be bothered. Went through rated people online site.

  oresome 16:40 19 May 2017

It's now sounding dodgy with the rubberised paint!

  Border View 17:03 19 May 2017

Without a doubt get alternative quotes.

  Burn-it 17:57 19 May 2017

Always more quotes. And out of principle you should not accept other names from the current quoter, but find names yourself from a local paper or such to prevent nepotism.

  bumpkin 20:40 19 May 2017

A lot depends upon where you live to start with. I also have a roof leak at the moment and am awaiting the roofer who can't come until Monday. Whilst I know the guy well and the building trade I do not expect it to be cheap so your quote seems reasonable but get another. It is a job for the experienced and fit not just anyone. Good roofers should be paid well but it is branch of the building trade that seems to attract the "cowboys" so I would suggest a bit of research before employing an unknown entity.

  rickf 20:51 19 May 2017

Thanks for all the inputs to date.

  x123 22:16 19 May 2017

Look around your area for signs of new roofing work. Don't be frightened to ask the householders about who did the work, time taken, cost and if they were happy with the outcome.

From what I have heard, rated people pay a monthly fee to be included on the database. They may be perfectly good workmen but first hand references are usually the best.

  carver 07:38 22 May 2017

Hi, do not have anything to do with a quote that includes rubberised paint, that is put on a roof to patch it up. Once that is on then your roof is basically stuffed and if it breaks down then you get water entering the paint and then building up then enters house. Done properly a roof doesn't need any more work than tiles.

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