Roman numerals on a clock face.

  bumpkin 21:51 07 Jan 2019

I have a clock (big) with the time displayed in old numerals. I have always found it OK and no one else has ever mentioned or noticed it but my grand daughter of 8yrs at the time told me that it was wrong. What is the correct way to display the number 4 on a clock face or are there options.

  wee eddie 22:00 07 Jan 2019


  Aitchbee 22:19 07 Jan 2019

IIII is ok too.

  Brumas 22:46 07 Jan 2019

Either IV or IIII is the norm, mine has IIII.

  lotvic 22:58 07 Jan 2019

Mine is also IIII

  Flat Earther 01:56 08 Jan 2019

I can understand an 8 year old asking this question, but an adult having to post it is quite bizarre.

  Quickbeam 06:41 08 Jan 2019


  BT 09:18 08 Jan 2019

Apparently its for aesthetic symmetry reasons to balance the VIII(8)on the other side of the dial.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:38 08 Jan 2019

Roman numerals are evil - just add them up :0)

I V X L C D = 666

  wee eddie 17:24 08 Jan 2019


  Quickbeam 19:15 08 Jan 2019

*Fruit Bat /\0/* You should have put = DCLXVI and made us think the cryptic clue out!

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