RoHS WEEE! good or bad

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Hi all

Its been a long time since I have had a Friday rant (and I know its Monday) in fact its been a good while since I have posted at all on any forum, job hunting, holidays, Volunteer works in high schools (bless the little darlings) teaching.

Anyway I though having carried out a search up there in the top right corner and got no hits, what every ones thoughts are on RoHS and WEEE.

Personally I feel WEEE is going to be too unwieldy to be enforceable for a few years with Waste management companies wanting to make a profit also wanting the guides to be stricter and manufacturers wanting to make more profit so the guide lines be looser.

HOWEVER RoHS which comes into to force in a few months will effect each and every one of us whether we work or our housewife’s/husband’s (domestic engineers!)

For example large and small household appliances as well as IT and Telecommunications equipment, lighting equipment, as well as electrical and electronic tools all have to adhere to both RoHS as well as WEEE.

THIS also includes a sub category of (I weep over this category) "TOYS, leisure and sports equipment". with in this category is included mobile telephones with a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of larger thank 10CM Sq look at your mobile if it is more than 5cm by 2cm then its going to be effected in how you dispose of it.

So is your washing machine, your tumble dryer, microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge, the old electric blanket you have for those cold cold winter nights or for when grandma comes to stay....

RoHS is going to affect the manufacture of light bulbs this personally i think will be a good thing more long life low energy lights. I read something a while ago that if every household in the USA changed one bulb over to a energy efficient one then the US government could shut down one Nuclear power station. Now working form these figures there are 270Mil households in the USA. The last census I read said 60mil Households in the UK so that would mean everyone changing 4.5 bulbs in their house and Sellarfield could shut down!!!

So is it a good thing or a bad thing???

Think about it lower power emissions lower electric bills.

BUT RoHS affecting the manufacture of nearly every thing in your house from fire retardants in your sofa, to microwaves, to your UPVc double glazed window, and not just big things it also includes the manufacture of a screw.

Now this change in manufacture has to be paid for so if the manufacture of a screw has to change his whole production to cut down lead, mercury, cadmium, PBB's PBDE's and Cr VI to name a few, don’t you think he’s going to put the price of those screws up. So is the company making things with those screws, plus the new PCB manufactures like MSI and ATi will have to have everything passed though RoHS from the Chips to the Solder and even the plastic that the PCB, your new graphics card, is made from. The same for all board manufacturers, do you think

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do you think they are going to swallow these huge costs? Or is it going to be passed down the line?

even the makers of your new sexy computer case will have to redesign the manufacture under RoHS to ensure it complies,

And heaven forbid you buy from a company who makes computers rather than make your own.

The screws cost more to make so that cost past up to the makers of the boards who also have to add their new costs into the equation and add the costs of the screws, that’s passed to the case manufacturers and so on the same for your monitor.

So not just one component within your system is going up in price which could get swallowed up in the over all cost of what you are buying but pretty much every thing is going to have to be redesigned to adhere to RoHS from the screws and the fuses to the Graphics cards and motherboards, to the cables every type of cable the IDE the Power the RAID controllers the PCI controllers everything, even the case fan you nip to a corner computer shop to buy just to drop the temp those extra few degrees will have to be redesigned to conform to RoHS.

Now having read all that where is the cost going to go onto the end product or not?

And we have not taken WEEE into account yet where the companies that supply you have a possible legal obligation to ensure that the disposal of your new computer when you have finished with it is in a manner that adheres to the law. Will they take it back off you and recycle it, will they pay a extra tax to the local council to have them collect it? both of those are suggestions that have been white papered? so if Curry's now have a legal obligation to ensure you dispose of that TV you bought in a environmentally friendly way and O2 have the same responsibility for the Nokia they supplied you for free with your renewal of contract who’s going to swallow these costs as those companies are going to have hire new staff to monitor it to ensure they don’t break the law, their curry's can no longer let you walk out the door and have no interest in you cause you did not buy the warranty onsite with a free back rub every 12 months for £xxx per year .... now even though you have not paid them for any extra service they now have a responsibility that in 5 years time when your TV stops working and you go to throw it in the bin they have to stop you and ensure yoyuu dispose of it in a environmentally safe manner.

DONT get me wrong i think we all could be doing more to help stop global warming ... the 20% and all that.

But what worries me is RoHS and WEEE has come in and if you are in manufacturing then you will know about it but if not a lot of people wont and I am afraid that the cost of this new wonderful way to save the planet is going to come as a big shock to us all.

The Cost of PC’s and TV’s has been creeping down over the last few years till you can get a half way decent computer for £600 or £700, something that back in 1990 you would have had a proverbial hard on for.

But this new RoHS is going to change the components that boards are made out of the solder that is used the chips that are allowed to be used on the board is this going to effect performance?

Is it going to stop the decline in prices?

Is it going to put computing back out of the price range of the masses for a short time frame?

Lets hear what you think

Best regards to all


Only 5 months 8 days 6 hours 58 minutes till RoHS becomes law

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P.S. sorry for the lenght its been a long time had a bit to vent

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