Roger Waters under fire

  Quickbeam 08:25 03 Oct 2010

from the Anit-Defamation League click here What tosh! It'll be a sad day that doesn't allow even moderate criticism of states and peoples through the arts.

He has a long history of of writing songs criticising the actions of states, corporate greed and the general evils of too much money. Mind you, he seems to be doing OK with his stash...

  wiz-king 09:05 03 Oct 2010

One cant quite accuse him of having his back to the wall!

  Forum Editor 09:31 03 Oct 2010

just have to go looking for offence, and if you try hard enough you can often find it, or believe you've found it.

  Forum Editor 11:51 03 Oct 2010

Hear, hear to every word of your post.

  Quickbeam 12:12 03 Oct 2010

I can't deny fourm member's true but cold analysis of musicians.

But don't for get that over the centuries musicians have used their art to bring bring human affairs to the attention of the masses. Whether it be Bono being self righteous to a global audience, or an unknown folk band singing about the strife of the common artisan's lot in a pub.

  spuds 12:32 03 Oct 2010

Personally, I believe in every word the Dubliners tell me.

But back to reality. Over the years there have been many musicians preaching about one thing or another. Yet when you look at their own personal lifestyle, they sure ain't doing bad out of the system or their followers.

  DippyGirl 12:52 03 Oct 2010

From snopes click here Never let facts spoil a good story
As to the "there is offence in evertyhthing brigade" Do we really want to live in Demolitions Man's Brave New World (to mix my references!) ?
Offence were there isn't really any there devalues the occasions when there is!

  Pineman100 16:24 03 Oct 2010

The irony is that this action by the Anti-Defamation league gives the Waters animation vastly more publicity than it would have had otherwise.

Somewhat self-defeating really.

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