Rock Salt Rip Off

  rawprawn 18:57 07 Jan 2010

I bought 2 * 10 kg bags of rock salt/grit on Monday. The cost was £5 per bag. This equates to £500 per ton, basically for a mixture of waste sand and rock salt (I have no idea of moisture content)
This is pure profiteering, and I feel very annoyed, think of all old people who are desperate not to slip and break anything but at what cost to line someones pockets.
OK rant over, but I like many others needed it. Perhaps the vendor will put the profit towards a four by four to help people who need assistance in this extreme weather.

  Pineman100 18:48 08 Jan 2010

"Buy it in September."

And then sell it at a large profit in January. ;o)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:07 08 Jan 2010

click here it is being flogged on Ebay now...£20ish a bag. Search for 'rock salt' to find other bargains.


  spuds 19:13 08 Jan 2010

Now I wouldn't want to rub salt into the wound, but in our local media report today, it was informing the public as to what was happening,stocks etc. The article also seemed to suggest that the council were buying in at £28.00 per tonne.

  Quickbeam 19:59 08 Jan 2010

You could of course be a complete cad and help yourself out of the roadside grit bins on steep hills...

  Quickbeam 20:06 08 Jan 2010

"...the council were buying in at £28.00 per tonne."
Transporting it will be in the region of £12/14 per tonne, so it's really quite cheap.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:35 08 Jan 2010

Where I used to live (which was very hilly), there were bins of rocksalt filled by the council all over the place. I'm not sure it was supposed to be used by people clearing paths and driveways, but that is was it was used for. Worked very well!

  spuds 22:51 08 Jan 2010

In the article that I mentioned, our council have removed or not filled the road side bins due to people 'helping themselves'.;o)

  rawprawn 09:06 09 Jan 2010

It is very hilly where I live, and the council always left supplies of grit on the steepest gradients. I read in the Yorkshire Post yesterday that these are being withdrawn because of theft, so maybe the article that spuds saw was the same one.

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