Rock Salt Rip Off

  rawprawn 18:57 07 Jan 2010

I bought 2 * 10 kg bags of rock salt/grit on Monday. The cost was £5 per bag. This equates to £500 per ton, basically for a mixture of waste sand and rock salt (I have no idea of moisture content)
This is pure profiteering, and I feel very annoyed, think of all old people who are desperate not to slip and break anything but at what cost to line someones pockets.
OK rant over, but I like many others needed it. Perhaps the vendor will put the profit towards a four by four to help people who need assistance in this extreme weather.

  Pineman100 19:04 07 Jan 2010

Look around. The whole free market system is based on the principle that strong demand increases the price - particularly when supplies are limited.

It's called The Law Of Supply And Demand.

  MAJ 19:06 07 Jan 2010

Over here (N.Ireland), I saw it (grit) on sale today, when I was buying some logs for the fire, it was £5 for a 15kg bag. Our local council received so many complaints about the lack of grit around, that they dumped about a ton of the stuff outside the depot's gates so people could come and get it if they wanted. Needless to say, it didn't last long.....

  rawprawn 19:52 07 Jan 2010

It warms my heart to remember that people who give blood have a different philosophy.

  morddwyd 19:54 07 Jan 2010

But a lot more give in those countries where donors are paid.

  Main Access 20:18 07 Jan 2010

It cant of been that bad a price. You bought it

  Forum Editor 23:48 07 Jan 2010

between selling rock salt and donating blood. People who sell things do so in order to make a profit, and people who buy things do so because they want them - it's called commerce, and it drives the world's free market economies.

If you didn't like the price you were free to buy elsewhere, or not at all.

  spuds 23:55 07 Jan 2010

Its a bit like animal feed, you buy small bags and it will cost a lot more than buying a bulk load.

The same thing applies to buying a bag of sand or perhaps pea shingle from some diy store, then asking the local quarry to quote a price for the same product.

  wee eddie 14:49 08 Jan 2010

by the by ~ didn't they go on to do something in the Music Business!

  Quickbeam 15:56 08 Jan 2010

Buy it in September.

  rawprawn 17:17 08 Jan 2010

Good answer, as far as I remember it was £1-85 per bag.

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