Robot vacuum cleaner

  simonjary 09:00 30 Oct 2011

Anyone tried out a robot vacuum cleaner?

I have one to review for PC Advisor, and was wondering if anyone actually uses one of these.

Cheers! Simon

  Aitchbee 15:22 30 Oct 2011

A 'Transporter' machine to empty my house of all the junk contained in it would be useful.

"...set coordinates to Polmadie Public Recycling Depot, Glasgow...engage...! "

  simonjary 15:26 30 Oct 2011

It's a Neato.

I know it's not a PC but we're interested in all sorts of home technology. Doesn't mean we're neglecting our core product groups.

  lotvic 15:55 30 Oct 2011

My son uses one, got it about 4 years ago. He does use it, but I can't see how it saves time and effort as you have to prepare the room first and it doesn't hold much before it beeps and wants emptying. Youngest grandson is terrified of it. He has a normal vac as well for a more thorough cleaning.

  spuds 16:19 30 Oct 2011

If its the Neato XV-15, then one of your computer magazine competitors did a review a few days ago, including speeded-up video

In our household, we have had a robotic vacuum cleaner for years- its me!.

  Forum Editor 17:19 30 Oct 2011

I've no experience of robot vacuum cleaners. I did play with a robot lawn mower once; it was a complete and utter waste of time.

  morddwyd 19:58 30 Oct 2011

Have used one, a Roomba, for some months.

Absolutely superb.

Obviously,being circular, there are edge areas which occasionally have to be covered with a conventional cleaner, but but only very occasionally (like once since February).

Highly recommended.

Our method is that for a routine clean we switch it on when we go out and it does its thing for an hour or so. Every so often, for a deeper clean, we prepare the room a little, make sure all wires are out of the way, and there are clear paths.

Because the dust compartment is small we find little (like one or two rooms at a time, rather than the whole floor) and often the best way.

Much of the criticism of these cleaners is due to over expectation.

If you have a dining room table with four chairs tucked in around it do not expect a very good clean under the table!

Used it earlier today and if it had broken down I would have already had a new one on order from Amazon.

  morddwyd 20:10 31 Oct 2011


The one I have will run for well over an hour before docking itself for a re-charge (yes, that's automatic too) and even in a small No 3 bedroom the algorithm keeps it covering the floor for at least half an hour, longer if it's dirty (it can sense that too, and does a spiral "spot clean" and lights an indicator so that you know it is still cleaning and not just stuck).

It brings the carpet up better than Miele, but not as good as a Dyson.

However, the Dyson is a damned sight harder to carry up and down stairs if you're disabled!

  morddwyd 09:20 01 Nov 2011


I used Amazon, not necessarily the cheapest, but if you're unsure of ultimate satisfaction then it has by far and away the best returns policy and system!

Get the one that automatically docks itself, empty it every time, including hair from around the beater, and make sure that it puts itself on charge each time (it plays a natty little warble to let you know it's docked).

  Aitchbee 10:04 01 Nov 2011

When I have to clear a room of trash, I go into Robotic Mode...I become a mindless automaton for half an hour....

  simonjary 09:29 02 Dec 2011

Finally got round to testing and reviewing that robot vacuum cleaner.

It was better than I imagined but my house is small and over three storeys so not ideal for something that is averse to stairs.

My 5-year-old daughter absolutely loved it, though - treated it like a pet.

Neato XV-15 review

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