Robbery of Jewelers

  ronalddonald 18:36 05 May 2010

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A lot of these type of robberies seem to be happening, some gangs use motorcycles, in this case cars were used.

With all the new technology given to the police they failed to catch them and i presume they will catch someone soon. A police car followed one of them and lost track of them i would of thought a helicopter would of been used to track their movements.

I would like to know if the gang of thieves who used motorcycles were ever caught.

  bremner 19:47 05 May 2010

How do you know a helicopter was not employed.

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  morddwyd 20:42 05 May 2010

"A lot of these type of robberies seem to be happening"

Breaking and entering at a jewellers at 1.20am?

There's always been a lot of those sort of robberies.

  Al94 21:40 05 May 2010

I thought it was something new!

  interzone55 21:45 05 May 2010

When I worked in a retailer with a jewellery counter in the late 90's we were broken into 3 times in 3 weeks. Each time it was a Tuesday around 2am.

Each time I got a phone call around 2:15am a had to go round, reset the alarm and get the emergency glazers round.

The police said the first break-in was to check the delay on the alarm and speed of police response.

The second time they had a wander round & checked for cameras (we had none, owners too tight).

The third time they took around £50k of stock.

Luckily one of the robbers badly gashed their arm on the way out so it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to track them down...

  morddwyd 08:09 06 May 2010

"checked for cameras (we had none, owners too tight).

The third time they took around £50k of stock."

Expensive lesson!

  jack 08:17 06 May 2010

Whilst the value to the owners[retailers] may be considerable, the actual cash worth in unloading the stuff is a pittance.
Precious metal scrap fetches a fraction of the 'intrinsic' worth of an item.
So unless they people have a ready buyer for complete items-which means someone overseas probably
the risk seems hardly worth while.
But then the tykes that do this sort of thing don't know that at the time.

  interzone55 08:30 06 May 2010

"Expensive lesson!"

A lesson they didn't learn, when I left 4 years and about 6 break-ins later they still hadn't fitted any cameras, despite the ever rising cost of insurance cover.

Interestingly 6 months after I left the company was closed by the new owners and the site (a staff) sold to Argos, who installed cameras during the refit...

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