Robbed by the government

  FungusBoggieman 19:17 20 Oct 2007

robbed by the government
This has also gone to my local mp but in a much longer version so here goes.
Hope this is allowed if not FE lock it,
All I have to say is thank you very much to the government with there new holiday entitlement. Now as a hard working employee I will be 64 hours short in my annual pay which is the equivalent to £518.14, let me explain how this is, my employer pays me a basic eight hours pay for one day, on a bank holiday he pays me for one day plus an extra eight hours for the bank holiday, as I get a standard twenty days holiday per year now,and as the government has introduced an extra four days holiday from the 1/11/07 which will rise to twenty eight days in 2008 I will be loosing sixty four hours pay that’s the equivalent to eight hours per bank holiday which the company can now incorporate in my holiday entitlementas as bank holidays so now the government has made me poorer THANKS A BUNCH. Lost my vote hope many others see this. How much will you loose?
Sorry just my opinion

  josie mayhem 19:44 20 Oct 2007

Are you sure that this is going to happen by your employer?

This new ruling are for those like my friend who works bank holidays but doesn't get any extra pay for doing so... nor any extra days off...

I also work bank holidays so all I get is 20 days off a year... Yes I do get paid double time when I'm working... But even if I wasn't working I would be on a rota day off and so wouldn't have any pay for the bank holiday...

But unlike you my employer is going to still pay my double time on the bank holiday as well has give us the days off... So I do gain,

So I would check with your employer if they are still going to pay the double time... You might get a surprise....

But at the end of the day you haven't really lost anything because you are getting paid 8 days that you wouldn't of, and on these days you can do as you please...

  FungusBoggieman 19:50 20 Oct 2007

oh yes im sure
I have to work bank holidays in contract

told this by the company accountant.

  interzone55 21:01 20 Oct 2007

The ruling is to stop employers including bank holidays in your legal 20 day holiday entitlement.

So if you work a bank holiday, you have to have a day off at another time, by the end of next year you will be legally entitled to 28 days holiday - your 20 statutory days plus 8 bank holidays.

You should not lose out on any pay, as these are paid holidays.

  rdave13 21:17 20 Oct 2007

As alan14 says bank holidays were never a legal entitlement although most companies allowed them. click here .
Seems the Gov. are making them a legal entitlement now.

  josie mayhem 23:22 20 Oct 2007

Bank holiday is part of my contract, so is Christmas day, boxing day and New years day... I get clumped for all work every bank holiday... Most years I work at least 2 of the festive christmas season most years I end up working the lot...

I've got the next 2 Christmas days off the rest I'm working and if I'm right I won't get another christmas day off work for 6 years after that :-(

Yes I'm lucky because my company is going to still pay us double time on the actual day, and still give us the extra days off:-)

But there again I am a care worker and believe me 28 days holiday isn't really enough to compact the day to day stress of carrying out my job, not is the wage pack either come to mention it....

  DANZIG 02:57 21 Oct 2007

We have to book Christmas Day off as a days holiday....

...our place of work isn't even open on Christmas Day.


  HCOOH 06:20 21 Oct 2007

You want to try being a contractor, if you are sick you don't get paid and when you take days off for holidays you don't get paid. You can mitigate the above but you are required to set up a fund to cover these events from your wages.

You will not be losing any basic pay but you will possibly have more leisure time.

  JanetO 08:54 21 Oct 2007

It sounds as though you're being robbed by your employer not the government.

  laurie53 09:15 21 Oct 2007

I wonder how much extra pay/holiday the guys in Iraq/Afghanistan will be getting this Christmas.

  Cymro. 10:43 21 Oct 2007

Spot on JanetO,
there is nothing to stop people like FungusBoggieman from negotiating a deal with their employer. The employer is all too often only too glad to use government legislation as an excuse to get away with paying people even less money.

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