A road scheme too far?

  TopCat® 17:08 25 Nov 2008

Town planners in Ashford in Kent have opened a road scheme that gives all road users equal priority. Those wanting to cross these roads are obliged to make eye contact with motorists for permission to cross in front of them. click here

They've reduced the speed limit down to 20mph but I'm of the opinion that this is quite a dangerous move, especially for drivers from outside the area.

What say you? TC.

  Chegs ®™ 17:21 25 Nov 2008

It might suit those with 20/20 sight but I think council planners have lost the plot.Are they expecting the guides or scouts/cubs to take up where the council left off & escort blind people across?

  peter99co 17:41 25 Nov 2008

It all looks to conventional still and I feel the drivers are not likely to make the changes required to give the pedestrians any confidence.

The film seems to show many distractions and large amounts of street furniture still exist. Even 20 mph is to fast to allow total safety, some drivers will still insist on driving at 20 mph regardless of others needs.

Why all the road cones? Is this just a trial? The road crossing looks worn out and during wet dark times would be a nightmare! Not all pedestrians wear light clothing. I forsee a few broken bones.

  AL47 17:48 25 Nov 2008

not clever, ur gonna get the situation where the person thinks uve made eye contact and steps out etc

plusi always wher mirrored sunglasses

its silly and confusing where no one has right of way

  wiz-king 17:51 25 Nov 2008

So - what's changed? Car and bikes drive and park on the pavement now, street furniture is always on the pavement, never on the road. A lot of motorists must be confused by all the signs and don't see the ones that matter like those pedestrian crossings.

  peter99co 18:20 25 Nov 2008

A system I read about recently had no signs or distractions at all and the road/pavment was all clear of obstructions. Pedestrians and bikes and cars moved about reasonably well.

If street furniture is left in place then accidents are going to happen if cars or bikes are looking to avoid collisions.

Looking at any signs can be a bad idea if pedestrians are about.

  robgf 00:28 26 Nov 2008

Surely the traffic lights should be covered if not in operation, otherwise it's confusing for drivers who don't know the road.

  Quickbeam 07:46 26 Nov 2008

They said that about 'magic roundabouts' when they first appeared, and they work better than expected.

  carver 08:56 26 Nov 2008

The main problem is as peter99co said, dark wet nights when you have lights on with oncoming traffic, pedestrians get lost in the glare, and it doesn't matter how good a driver you are or believe you are, this happens, who's at fault then.

And even at 20mph if you don't see them you are not braking, so they get the full impact and you continue going over them.

I should hate to have to make eye contact before I felt safe crossing a road with some of the drivers out there.

  interzone55 09:06 26 Nov 2008

This has been tried in a number of towns in Europe with great success, I don't see how we should be any different - unless our road users are more ignorant that those in Germany?
click here

Why do we have such a problem with change in this country?

  Chegs ®™ 12:51 26 Nov 2008

I live in a small town,we have had the crossing patrol run-over,vehicles SPEED up as they approach & the result was a new crossing patrol officer every few weeks.The council finally agreed to install a light controlled crossing after some poor bloke was run over as he left the pub opposite the primary school.So my guess is yes,UK drivers are more ignorant than germans.

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