Road Rage

  version8 12:56 22 Sep 2008

So whilst out driving and you have a dispute with another driver does it worry you if they or you give the middle finger or *anker sign?

Research recently shows that drivers think about it then forget it, but do you let it worry you??

  [email protected] 13:01 22 Sep 2008

if i let it i would follow them to the other end of the planet if necessary to payback for the unthinkable act they performed, i have always had a problem with the 'red mist'. nowadays i can control it by telling myself tomorrow you wont even think about this. that seems to work for me.

  Marko797 13:11 22 Sep 2008

life's too short to let it get to u

  peter99co 13:31 22 Sep 2008

Is it ok to tell them you intend to knock them into the ground like a tentpeg with your crash helmet?

Especially if they try to put you in a ditch by cutting you up.
Or open a car door when you are passing by?

  interzone55 13:47 22 Sep 2008

The other day a guy got out of his car, strode across the car park and punched me in the face.

My crime, I'd started to reverse out of my parking space a little so I could see if anything was coming, this upset him for some reason even though I'd not impinged on his way down the row of cars.

Luckily the whole thing was caught on camera, and witnessed by the parking warden. I can't be bothered pressing charges though...

  version8 13:54 22 Sep 2008

Research recently stated that 99.9% of drivers forget about it.

  peter99co 14:17 22 Sep 2008

I never reverse out of a parking place. I always reverse in. Saves this kind of problem.

I would press charges, if I felt he had overeacted. People like this get away with violence. Next time he may do something more damaging to the 'victim'

  pj123 14:30 22 Sep 2008

I agree with peter99co.

I think you are silly not to press charges.

My next door neighbour was in a similar situation except he was the one who hit the other driver.

The other driver sued for assault and my neighbour got 3 months in prison, plus compensation fines.

He won't do it again.

  spuds 14:57 22 Sep 2008

Definitely agree with what as already been said.Report the incident. Its cases like this which convinces the offender they are 'untouchable' and more serious events could be in the making!.

The parking warden,their employer or car park owner's should have reported the incident, especially if it was on camera to the local PCSO as a matter of course.

  ronalddonald 16:57 22 Sep 2008

Alan14 you need to grow up, if someone did punch you need to press charges. Also you need to stop watching silly you tube vidoes which show signs of anger and hate, you know the one i could pst a link here fron pc advisor but im not going to.

What u see is what you get, ie you wathced that you tube vidoe last week, look happned to you.

  peter99co 17:03 22 Sep 2008

Telling people to grow up is not very nice!

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