Off Road Bikers

  Graham. 23:45 08 Aug 2010

Let's see them get round this one click here

  Forum Editor 23:50 08 Aug 2010

that £4000 worth of useless metal is?

  Graham. 23:57 08 Aug 2010

Yes, but I can't say too much until the Town Hall opens in the morning.

  Graham. 08:28 09 Aug 2010

We've heard from the Town Hall this morning. There's going to be a fence/hedge (Fedge) alongside this path and the surrounding area.

  Quickbeam 08:44 09 Aug 2010

That reminds me of 3 concrete posts at the entrance to one of our parks for blocking car access. Thirty years ago contractors were doing some work so removed them for the month that the job took, with all the site vehicles going through, by the time the month was up there was a definite track in existence. When they put them back, some dipstick placed them to keep the new track clear, they're still in that position now!

  peter99co 11:44 09 Aug 2010

Forward Planning totally out of sync as usual.

  the hick 12:02 09 Aug 2010

I have not seen a barrier like this before. Is it intended to stop cycles, motorcycles or what?

  wiz-king 12:23 09 Aug 2010

Dont be silly - it's to stop obese pedestrians from getting to the fittness centre!

  Chegs ®™ 14:01 09 Aug 2010

Along the whole length of the C2C cycle-track are various "barriers" to stop motorcycle from being used on it,I had to quit using the track for dog-walking when mini-motorcycles were all the rage due to the volumes of the darn things hurtling up & down.As there are many ways to access the track,it is still frequently used by motorcycles & scooter riders as a short-cut or by youths on a wreck of a motorcycle as a racetrack.The barriers now have most of the gates removed,but before this I regularly had the gear-change mechanism damaged on my cycle as it clouted the various bent pipes buried into the tarmac.

  daytimers82 00:19 11 Aug 2010

Where do they get these old fashioned cronies working at the Council

  QuizMan 23:05 11 Aug 2010

Norton 360 is flagging the link as unsafe - Bloodhound.Exploit.281 whatever that is

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