Road accidents in your area

  Forum Editor 09:14 22 Aug 2014
  rdave13 10:16 22 Aug 2014

I'm surprised it is over a hundred in our locality.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:48 22 Aug 2014

A bit of a morbid fascination.

You can't help but look at your local area.

  spuds 12:22 22 Aug 2014

Having had a look at the list,one major city (Leicester) doesn't seem to be listed, which is very surprising due to that city's extensive road safety policies and campaigns?.

Perhaps its all the speed and other road cameras plus bus lanes, not forgetting that Leicester was regarded recently by TomTom as one of the UK's most congested traffic areas in the UK, that's making the city safer?

  wee eddie 13:20 22 Aug 2014

A (very) quick look at South Ayrshire, my territory, reveals that almost all such accidents happen at Road Junctions and Roundabouts.

a point to ponder

  Quickbeam 15:07 22 Aug 2014

But not very up to date. There's at least 4 fatalities within the last 3 years and 2 miles of where I live that aren't shown.

  bumpkin 16:32 22 Aug 2014

QB, it is not up to date 1999 to 2010 but whether it is updated annually I don't know but that would be more informative.

  Quickbeam 17:08 22 Aug 2014

I read that but didn't take it in!

  spuds 12:12 23 Aug 2014

Having had a further look at the lists, and especially ones of personal interest, including those nearer my own location of the country, brings back memories of possible previous past events, long since forgotten, but in the timescale of the survey.

One location noted especially, seemed a little confusing to the information provided, especially as the information was apparently provided by those in authority.

In that information,which is not quite true, stated that the driver of the car and dead person was a man aged 16-24 (?). It also stated that the incident took place on Sunday 12 December 2010 at 11.25PM, the weather was fine?.

If I recall rightly, the actual incident took place on a cold winter December night, shortly after the driver had left a relatives home at about 11.10PM/11.15PM, and the driver was heading to his own home. He never arrived at his and partner's home, and the family made a search of the expected and usual route,the driver usually took, and found nothing. The distance of the route was about an half hour journey, at reasonable speed.

The next day, a family friend and HGV (high cab) driver noticed a vehicle (which he recognised, as belonging to the driver) down an embankment, hidden by some undergrowth. The HGV driver was unable to stop,due to his work schedule, also thinking that the vehicle had been there some time and was reported, plus it was unsafe to stop his vehicle on a major busy two lane road, but he later reported the matter, and a one vehicle two officer police search was conducted with 'no findings reported'.

The family then took up their own search and found the vehicle and driver's body some way from the vehicle. This incident brought an investigation, on how the police had acted, and why it had taken approximately three days to locate the dead person, even though the incident had been reported within those three days. There may or would/should have been a final outcome about this particular incident,and perhaps there is, but very little if anything was reported by the media of the final closures to this terrible and sorrowful incident.

Perhaps it might be queried why I posted the above, but I thought it might be of interest, especially if similar possible incorrect information was in this survey/report that others may know about, through personal involvement?.

  Aitchbee 12:53 26 Aug 2014

I quite often see tangible evidence of recent fatal road accidents in my area [Glasgow southside] by the sight of many bunches of flowers and cards tied on to railings and other fixtures close to where the accident occurred. It seems to be the way nowadays, to pay one's respects and to show sympathy to friends and relatives of the dearly-departed road accident victims.

  bumpkin 13:32 26 Aug 2014

HB, I have seen it in many places and it also serves as a reminder to others that we are not infallible so a good thing in my opinion.

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