Road accidents are "crime scenes"

  Chegs ®™ 15:58 07 Sep 2007

I read this statement by the senior police officer for our area as an explanation why the road is closed after an accident.I can understand them closing a road to protect the emergency services or if a fatality had occurred but not this "its a crime scene" explanation,particularly when an accident a few years ago on the main north/south route occurred and the road closed causing people a 50 mile diversion round it to get 9 miles north.A van had run into a hedge and overturned,and the driver was uninjured yet the road was closed for over 9 hours.

Does the same apply in your area?

  Clapton is God 16:01 07 Sep 2007

Seems a pretty reasonable stance to me.

The standard of a great deal of the driving on today's roads is worse than criminal

  Mike D 16:25 07 Sep 2007

Of course there is also the point that the police no longer refer to them as Road Traffic Accidents but RT Incidents, the logic being that someone usually caused the RTI.

It's no joke when the M5/M6/M42 combination is closed as a crime scene.


  Jak_1 16:35 07 Sep 2007

The police may have other information that you don't know about! Maybe the vehicle had been involved in a crime, if so then it is a crime scene.

  Chegs ®™ 16:58 07 Sep 2007

Maybe the vehicle had been involved in a crime, if so then it is a crime scene.

If it was a criminal,then surely he'd have been arrested at scene not stood with several other very irate motorists asking why the road had been closed for around 3hrs(with a further 6hrs left before it reopened)

  Jak_1 17:04 07 Sep 2007

The term 'preserving the scene of a crime' springs to mind! There is the possibility if it had been involved in a crime of forensic evidence to be collected, to have that evidene destroyed by passing motorist would defeat the object!

  Chegs ®™ 17:48 07 Sep 2007

Does the same kind of thing happen where you live?

  Jak_1 17:50 07 Sep 2007

Only if the accident was a fatac or the vehicle involved was used in a crime.

  Chegs ®™ 17:55 07 Sep 2007


Here,its EVERY accident and our infrastructure is pretty dire as there's lots of bloody great mountains everywhere so closing the main route through the county for 9 hours because a works van had crashed was just one example of a needless closure.

  Devil Fish 22:22 07 Sep 2007

its a crime scene until proven otherwise

speeding could have been involved as could an unroad worthy vehicle drink drugs etc so not to treat it as a crime scene would be somewhat foolish

also add to that the possibility of fatalities and especially children that has to be gut wrenching

patients is the order of the day even if it seems a pain at the time

  Chegs ®™ 22:28 07 Sep 2007

I give up!

I asked if it was the same in YOUR area.

I can understand a need to close a road after an accident for whatever reason(not though,as a crime scene UNLESS a fatality had occurred or a drunk driver)

I see no reason to close a road for many hours when all that occurred was a damaged vehicle.

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