Rise and rise in value/price of Cryptocurrencies

  wee eddie 13:13 30 Jan 2018

Why does the value/cost/price of a Cryptocurrency keep rising, when the supply keeps increasing to meet demand?

Surely this is the exact opposite to the basic Economic concept of Supply & Demand

  qwbos 16:30 02 Feb 2018

The problems experienced by the Bolivar are largely down to the behaviour of a certain large bully boy country to the north.

Bitcoin? Who knows/understands how a crypto currency "should" behave? The norms for currency fluctuations don't really apply.

  wee eddie 16:41 02 Feb 2018

The Bolivar's behaviour is largely caused by the criminal behaviour of its Ruling Elite and the Drug Barons.

I think that much the same can be said of Bitcoin

  Quickbeam 05:59 03 Feb 2018

Bubble bubble toil & trouble...

  Sapins 09:16 03 Feb 2018

I’m having enough trouble with the Euro!

  canarieslover 09:45 05 Feb 2018

Looks like things are tightening up on digital currencies. Banks are getting scared now click here

  caccy 17:25 05 Feb 2018

Just remember!

Like all computer programmes it's just "Vapourware"

No volts, Nothing!

  Al94 03:51 08 Feb 2018

I agree with the opinion of the Chief of the World Bank ponzi scheme

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