Rise and Fall of a Great Power

  woody 20:54 25 Nov 2010

Since the War the people of England have gradually improved their "quality of life".
Not in a straight line - there have been peaks and troughs.
Those of us that were privileged to be taught history know about the "Rise and Fall" of great powers etc.
Do the panel think we have had our peak and we will be lucky to stand still let alone get back to the peak days.
I am not thinking of the current fiscal problems- more along the lines of security/safety/lack of courtesy or consideration of others.
Do you think manners -morals etc will go back to what they were or will we continue the downwards spiral.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:04 25 Nov 2010

Kids today have no respect / manners / morals
TV is crap

Oh I sound like my Dad


  Forum Editor 23:04 25 Nov 2010

will go back to what they were or will we continue the downwards spiral."

That question has probably been raised by every generation for the last five hundred years.

Societies constantly change - nothing stays the same forever, and it's probably not a bad thing. Older people habitually criticise the young and their attitudes and morals. Young people habitually find the attitudes and morals of older generations incomprehensible.

It's a generalisation, and of course there are exceptions, but it's mainly true.

  spuds 00:09 26 Nov 2010

I am not sure if this as anything to do with this post. But the other evening I was watching a documentary about warfare since World War One and onwards. Then it showed a drone in action, and I thought "What a total waste of life".

Thousands laying in fields dead, critically injured or being gassed, and now we have a small radio controlled robot being selective and pulverising people from afar.

  Dragon_Heart 00:41 26 Nov 2010

I used to work alongside a young man who was in the TA. His fav saying was 'pink mist', a reference to the land mines and other weapons which could reduce a human body to a pink mist.

It is now almost 100 years since the start of the 'great war', many people died during that conflict but many more have died since, and for what.

Once Britain had a navy feared by most now we will be luck to be able to patrol our own coastal waters.

The greed culture in this country has increased the gap between rich and poor and manners and care are considered a weakness.

The influx of those not native to this country have watered our roots down ( no disrespect to them ).

To answer your question 'woody' we have already reached the point of no return ...... unless the student riots are the start of a turn of events ?

  morddwyd 08:13 26 Nov 2010

I venture to query if England was ever a great power.

They themselves were defeated by the Normans in 1066, and the only nation they have subdued since then have been the Welsh!

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:14 26 Nov 2010

"The greed culture in this country has increased the gap between rich and poor and manners and care are considered a weakness."


During the industrial revolution, the successful factory owners and merchants built grand civic buildings in the towns and cities and built themselves huge mansions to live in. Many of the poor lived in slums or the workhouse.

  peter99co 14:04 26 Nov 2010

i have always felt my lifetime has been the best it could be and is now going downhill. I thank all those who gave their lives in the war to make it so. Good luck to those who follow me.

  Bingalau 15:03 26 Nov 2010

morddwyd. I have some Scottish friends who would disagree with that statement...

  Forum Editor 16:40 26 Nov 2010

and they are always astonished at how in Britain we seem to delight in running our own country down. They are all fiercely proud of America, even now, when things aren't exactly rosy there.

Visit Australia and you'll find Australians bursting with pride in their country.

Ditto New Zealand, ditto Thailand, ditto Spain, ditto France, ditto Canada, et.c, etc.

Come to the UK, and all you seem to hear is people whining endlessly on about how awful things are, and how it's all someone else's fault.

We have a great country, we taught the world how to run democracies, how to operate a judicial system, build railways, run businesses, and do just about everything our way. We created models of our society right across the world, and many of them are still running. We have shown many countries what it means to have us as an ally, and some others what it means to be our enemy. We've made mistakes along the way, but in general we can hold our heads high - we have a history that makes us the envy of half the planet.

Why then do we persist in thinking that it's all over, that we'll never again be able to influence world events, or be proud of our nation?

  morddwyd 19:45 26 Nov 2010

Not sure what you're getting at there.

Are your Scottish friends saying the English have not subdued the Welsh (they haven't subdued this one, but that's a different story!), or that they have subdued others besides the Welsh?

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