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RIP Nicolas Parsons Just a Minute host

  Anon-433127 12:28 28 Jan 2020

Nicolas Parsons has died aged 96. I listen to Just a Minute on Radio 4 and will miss him hosting it after 50 years. A nice man, RIP

  Anon-281249 13:31 28 Jan 2020

A fine example to us all. I'll miss his performances on "Just a minute"

  Anon-302934 13:46 28 Jan 2020

Just waiting to buzz in when Dunk deviates...

  Anon-186823 14:10 28 Jan 2020

Merton was always winding him up regarding his longevity, incorporating this into his surreal renditions - Parsons' never batted an eyelid.

Goodbye Nicolas, RIP.

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  Anon-319210 17:19 28 Jan 2020

Not just a good presenter but a brilliant "straight man" for many British comedians in his time.


  Anon-2450428 10:03 29 Jan 2020


"Just waiting to buzz in when Dunk deviates..."

Hope I've not delayed you too much!

Personally, he was never high on my list of 'entertainers', and I'm assuming, from the lack of replies to this thread, it would seem I'm not alone in that. However, he was, obviously, popular with many others and so I will, respectfully, join them in their RIP messages ( as I would anyone leaving this mortal coil).

[ps Was that deviant enough for you, Quickbeam?]

  Anon-302934 11:45 29 Jan 2020

Bzzzz... Repetition of deviation!

  Anon-2450428 13:00 29 Jan 2020

Sorry, but can anyone explain what is the matter with Quickbeam?

Genuine query.

  Anon-2432433 13:06 29 Jan 2020


You are not alone. I suspect it is something to do with his quiz show on Radio 4.

The last time I saw Nicholas Parsons was when he appeared with Arthur Haynes and I was not impressed.

  Anon-302934 13:19 29 Jan 2020

I find it hard to belive for a show that's been on the air for over 50 years, you aren't in any way familiar with the format!

  Anon-2416588 13:43 29 Jan 2020


I suspect the success of Just a Minute was down to it's simplicity, along with the quality of the participants, particularly in it's earlier years.

With Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo, Clement Freud, Thora Hird, Lance Percival, Willie Rushton and so many more, it was a guaranteed 30 minutes of laughter.

No abuse or foul language. Something for today's so called comedians to learn from.

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