R.I.P. Mr Andrew Preview 89.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:49 28 Feb 2019
  KEITH 1955 23:04 28 Feb 2019

quote from Morecombe and Wise program I am playing all the right notes but not necessary in the right order R.I.P.

  Quickbeam 06:37 01 Mar 2019

You can't mention that without a link...

I can't believe that it was 48 years ago!!!

I can still remember the whole house falling about laughing at it, those were the days when the whole house watched the same TV shows on the one TV.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:28 01 Mar 2019

And of course you never expected him to have a sense of humour which made it all the funnier, a classic!


  KEITH 1955 10:02 01 Mar 2019

Just a slight detour here my mum now almost 97 used to think the late dave allen was brilliant and you would be in trouble if you forgot to tell her to come out of the sewing room to watch him. This always puzzled us because mum is 100% church all her life and dave allen was anti averything that she believed in. If you are old enough to remember him you knew he never took any prisoners and the bbc phones melted after every show.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 01 Mar 2019

KEITH 1955

two of Dave Allen's best quotes -

"I certainly hope God has a sense of humour. If not, I'm in trouble."

"I'm an atheist, thank God."

  Forum Editor 13:45 01 Mar 2019

"I can still remember the whole house falling about laughing at it"

The secret to it was that in rehearsal Eric Morecambe told Previn it was absolutely essential that he kept a straight face when the punch-line came - 'if you so much as smirk' he said 'it just won't be as funny, and we will only get one shot at it'.

To his everlasting credit, Previn did exactly as he was told, and what has been hailed as one of TV's greatest comedy moments occurred.

  Al94 18:27 11 Mar 2019

Can be viewed here classicfm

  Al94 18:28 11 Mar 2019

apologies, missed the earlier link

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