Ringing bells to beat pickpockets

  peter99co 12:07 13 Aug 2009

What a ding dong good idea. Pity no pictures

  peter99co 12:09 13 Aug 2009
  JanetO 15:08 13 Aug 2009

When I'm travelling in places where I could have my bag snatched I attach a personal alarm device to it so it pulls the pin if its taken. It's very very loud.

  Bingalau 15:17 13 Aug 2009

They should be able to fit bells to known pickpockets permanently, so you can hear them coming.

  wiz-king 16:01 13 Aug 2009

People will think "Don't like the ringtone on his phone!"

  user8 17:23 13 Aug 2009

Chop their hands off should work!

  spuds 18:57 13 Aug 2009

Around my neck of the woods, the authorities have been running the 'cat bell' scheme for ages, usually offering supplies from outlets like the post office, council offices and corner shops. But have you seen or heard the sound of these deterents.

Turning my deaf aids on full volume,and the pickpocket would still be succesful :O)

  Forum Editor 19:04 13 Aug 2009

that an irritable ferret in the bag tends to deter.

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