Ring any bells?

  spikeychris 20:47 20 Oct 2006

A poll in England has discovered that 1 out of 10 people (Around 90,000) has claimed the Internet as one of the major reasons for ending a marriage that often ends in divorce. The findings of the poll indicate that married men and women both experience hardship when their mates become addicted to the Internet.

A bit of research shows that internet addicts are exhibiting similar behavior to alcoholics. Users can hide their nonessential internet and [quote] in a sense, they're using the internet to self-medicate.[/quote]
The study found that 13.7 per cent of respondents found it hard to stay away from the internet for several days at a time, 8.7 per cent attempted to conceal non-essential internet use from family, friends and employers and 5.9 per cent felt their relationships suffered as a result of excessive internet use.

8.2 per cent used the Internet as a way to escape problems or relieve negative moods.

  rdave13 20:58 20 Oct 2006

Quasimodo had the same problems..:)

  PurplePenny 20:59 20 Oct 2006

Kev and I have our PCs on adjacent desks so we are still together even when we are both online or playing games. The cats come to sit with us (often in front of the monitors) so we are one big happy family.

  lisa02 21:09 20 Oct 2006

Young bell ringers click here=

The texas tech bell ringer is a bit dodgy, link on the left of the video :O

  namtas 21:09 20 Oct 2006

A bit of research shows, always intrigues me, one day I might get to be one of those polled.

  lisa02 21:10 20 Oct 2006

That kind of bell ringing on the net is grounds for divorce methinks ;)

  Forum Editor 22:47 20 Oct 2006

What a cosy domestic scene - 21st century style.

  anskyber 23:17 20 Oct 2006

Be careful, cats are pretty good at catching the Esc key.

  Kate B 00:08 21 Oct 2006

My cat comes and sits on the keyboard when I'm not paying her enough attention. Enchanting when it's just surfing, rather less so when I'm heading for a deadline.

  wolfie3000 02:59 21 Oct 2006

My cat used to sit on my 17" crt monitor cause it was warm but she has to find a new place now i have a TFT.

As for pc,s and relationships we have no problems in our household,

My girlfriend usually is on the bed with her laptop when im on here and we often both play online games together.

I never really thought that a pc could end a relationship,

Maybe its because one of the partners was "Cyber cheating" on the other, if there is such a word?

  spikeychris 13:49 21 Oct 2006

This study is based on relationships were one person uses the net whist the other doesn’t.

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