The Rich Asked To Give Up Their Bus Passes etc.

  Bing.alau 10:46 28 Apr 2013

I wonder if the bloke who thought up that wheeze is going to give up his travel expenses as well? I haven't got a link to it but it has been on the news a couple of times.

  Blackhat 10:51 28 Apr 2013

Possibly your missing link.


  Al94 10:56 28 Apr 2013

When I consider the amount of tax I have paid over the past 45 years I will take everything I can get and give up nothing voluntarily.

  Quickbeam 11:04 28 Apr 2013

Do many of the rich use a bus pass other than a metaphorical reference to their age?

i.e. 'I've just qualified for my free bus pass', as they drive off in their Roller from the Savoy Grill...

  fourm member 11:29 28 Apr 2013

'The devil would be in the detail!'

Exactly. You'd hardly think Bruce Forsyth needs his free TV licence but how do you find a scheme that removes benefits from those that truly don't need them without it costing more to run than is saved?

The reality is, of course, that many of these things aren't benefits at all. They are bribes and it would take a very brave party to end them.

If someone is on low income, they need extra help but that doesn't mean you have to break that help down into individual things like fares or heating or the TV licence.

  fourm member 11:31 28 Apr 2013

I meant to add that when I wrote 'They are bribes and it would take a very brave party to end them' I meant to say that the perception is that it would be electoral suicide to remove them.

IDS might be trying to test the truth of that by seeing how many people are willing to give up money they don't need.

  spuds 12:10 28 Apr 2013

What is it with these Iain Duncan Smith type of politicians, when they seem to keep coming out with these obvious stinging statements for certain parts of the human race. Is this just another 'Think Tank' statement that a politician as thought worthy of a mention, so as to perhaps prove how in touch he is with things?.

  caccy 13:28 28 Apr 2013

A194 Totally agree with you. Perhaps those that have NOT paid in should not get these treats!!

  spuds 14:15 28 Apr 2013

"not something I would wish to be a part of!"

But you already are, its just that you have not opened your eyes and ears to it?.

I myself possibly tend to be one of those very righteous people who consider I might give more than I perhaps take, but at the end of the day, I would be like many others, right at the front of the queue for the handout, hoping that no one is noticing?.

I suppose its a bit like buying essential insurances, then not making a genuine claim?.

  morddwyd 14:26 28 Apr 2013

"Taxation is supposed to be a way our society tries to 'even things up', whereby those who can give most make life a bit better for those who have little (the sick, disabled etc)."

That's not taxation, it's Communism - "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"!

  proudfoot 14:31 28 Apr 2013

What is the definition of being rich. Many of todays pensioners scrimped and saved to buy a property that may have increased in value far beyond its original value in real terms due to inflation and the lack of available proprties in a perticular area. In financial terms they may be on the bread line due to having little income other than the state pension. There are others who have taken notice of successive governments statements to provide for your old age and have a private pension. They are not necessarily rich just have a comfortable standard of life not needing state benefits to eat and heat their home etc. In my case the winter fuel payment just about takes care of the annual rise in the cost of heating and lighting my home. I have a bus pass but it is of little or no use to me as there is no bus service in my area. Thwe only way I can travel is by car. Goverment ministers have a cheek to make such statements when it is known the size of the gravy train and perks they are on.

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