Rewards for information

  interzone55 13:38 06 Dec 2011

I'm always puzzled about rewards that are offered for information about crimes.

Do they work? Do they just reward the families of the criminals? Should we really need them?

Anyway, what got me really thinking is a couple of stories I've read today.

There is currently a reward of £3000 available for anyone who gives information leading to the arrest of the head cases who are dropping concrete (or granite) lumps on cars in Essex

But there's a total of £5000 available for information about the deviant who's killing kittens and putting the videos up on You Tube.

Does this mean that we value kittens more than motorists? Or is it the Sun getting a bit of cheap publicity?

  Aitchbee 17:24 06 Dec 2011

The DWP are lookin' for information on benefit cheats...

...whistleblowers unite!

  Aitchbee 17:46 06 Dec 2011

...a little bird told me, the government have started a new SELF-HELP, scheme for snitchers who can't handle their whistle blowin'.

It's called Whistleblowers Anonymous...

  Forum Editor 19:22 06 Dec 2011

"Does this mean that we value kittens more than motorists?"

It depends who is doing the valuing, and in what circumstances. Imagine a person who is absolutely devoted to his/her dog, and is told that unfortunately there's only room on the lifeboat for either the dog or a complete stranger - one of them must die. What would the dog lover's response be?

Context matters a lot, and in the context you describe the reward for information about the concrete droppers is coming from Crimestoppers. The reward for the kitten killer is being offered by an animal charity and The Sun. The animal charity's motive is obvious, as is that of Crimestoppers, itself a charity. The sun's angle is as described in fourm member's earlier post.

  morddwyd 20:02 06 Dec 2011

"Whistleblowers Anonymous..."

Whistleblowers in the field of employment have had anonymity, and job protection, for some time.

I only personally came across them in the H&S field (I was anonymously reported to HSE, twice) but I knew of cases in other fields.

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