newman35 18:46 06 May 2008

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The cabbie found and returned a £2 million violin, he got a city medal and the violinist gave him £50.
For a £2 000 000 instrument!!
Must say it struck me as a wee bit mean (Oh and tickets for his next concert!).
Unless the insurance company (if there is one) will be rewarding him as well?

  bluto1 19:18 06 May 2008

I wouldn't know what size of reward I'd give, but it'd have to be tailored to the size of my bank account. Maybe the violinist was a bit strapped for cash.

  newman35 20:32 06 May 2008

Hard to believe if he's doing concerts at Carnegie Hall?

  Stuartli 20:33 06 May 2008

The fact that the cabbie can look in the mirror and know he's an honest man is his biggest reward.

  newman35 20:47 06 May 2008

Yes, completely agree and good to see him get a civic reward - but I'm still astounded at the meagre reward given by the owner. To some (in the entertainment world)this would probably be just a 'normal' cabbie tip.

  Bingalau 21:58 06 May 2008

My sister in law recently picked up a bag which had been left at the table she was sitting at in a café. When she looked in it there was a passport and a bundle of notes in Euros and Stirling. She sat there for half an hour waiting for the owner to come back in vain. So she took it home on the bus and as she got to her own house a mobile phone in the bag began to ring. She had never owned a mobile phone and didn't know how to answer it. so she took it in to her next door neighbour. She answered the phone in her best Mrs. Bucket impression, told the woman what had happened and the woman got a taxi straight round to pick it up. My sister in law tried not to accept the fifty quid given her as a reward. But the woman insisted. It seems she was going on holiday that afternoon, got talking to a friend in the café and just walked off without it. There were two thousand pounds in the bag as well as the passport. She was a very lucky woman.

  Forum Editor 22:37 06 May 2008

that wasn't his, and he returned it - why should that mean he has to get a big reward?

He has a medal from the city, free tickets to a concert, and the violinist is giving a special free concert for cab drivers at Newark airport.

  newman35 07:38 07 May 2008

I never said he HAD to get a big reward - I just expressed surprise that the offered amount was so small - in relation to the value of the goods misplaced. I mean, £2m is some potential loss for an insurance company (or individual owners).
Still a trifle mean, I opine.

  Stuartli 22:21 07 May 2008

But it wasn't his property - it was on loan to him. The value of the violin is irrelevant to his own personal financial circumstances with respect to the "level" of reward.

No doubt he will be a little bit more careful from now on whilst it's still in his possession.

To be frank I've never expected - and have turned down - any form of reward if I've been in the position of finding and returning something to the rightful owner.

  newman35 07:16 08 May 2008

Whilst still agreeing with your overall summation, a couple of points:-
1)It was on loan- so he should have been even MORE grateful to get it back. Misplacing your own stuff is one thing, but not taking care of someone else's??

2) I still maintain a 'Grammy' award and playing a concert at Carnegie Hall suggests he is not exactly a pauper. He plays concerts around the world, and produces CD's etc.

2) Perhaps it would have been better to have given no reward at all - just let the medal be enough. I think seeing the size of the 'gratitude' was the surprise. Like yourself, I'm sure the cabbie would not have expected anything at all.

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