Retirement Ideas?

  crosstrainer 15:20 16 Jul 2008

After much soul searching, and (to be perfectly honest) medical advice. The "R" word appears to be looming it's head.

So... I started thinking seriously about what I would do if I do go down that route. Hobbies..Hmm, I like bowling (green and indoor) but would not want to do it seven day's a week. My life (for better or for worse) has alway's been technology based.

I am fortunate, as I can afford to retire but wonder what on earth I would do? Any suggestions (of a sensible nature) will be gratefully received!

  iqs 15:24 16 Jul 2008

My neighbour retired a few years ago,bought a caravan and toured England...

  interzone55 15:30 16 Jul 2008

How about writing your memoirs - if Charlotte Church can manage a second volume of her autobiography when she's only 22 - I'm sure most of us could manage a slim volume of interesting stuff.

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  Cymro. 15:35 16 Jul 2008

The one rule I made for myself when I stopped working was never to switch the telly on during the day, the damn thing was on much too often as it was.

As you are in to computing I dare say that you will find enough to occupy you for some time on the Internet. Why not build you`r own state of the art computer.

  recap 15:37 16 Jul 2008

How about doing some volunteer work for a local charity, become a member and go on to be a board member it can be very rewarding.

  sunny staines 16:07 16 Jul 2008

spend more time on the pca forum

  dagbladet 16:08 16 Jul 2008

If you're after volunteer type work, why not help out at one of these 'silver surfers' clubs they have in libraries and suchlike?

  Pamy 16:15 16 Jul 2008

crosstrainer, you do not mention a wife or partner.

  crosstrainer 16:20 16 Jul 2008

Been doing that for years :))

  crosstrainer 16:22 16 Jul 2008

Yes, and a very rewarding occupation. I can revamp my physio skills... Good thought.

  crosstrainer 16:24 16 Jul 2008

And there is the root of the problem (if it is one) Mrs crosstrainer died at the age of 45. Have been alone ever since. I don't think online dating is really my thing though.....I do have 2 dog's though!

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