retired should work for pension

  Quiller. 22:12 24 Oct 2012

"Retired people should be encouraged to do community work such as caring for the "very old" or face losing some of their pension, a peer has suggested."

Sounds reasonable. Pensioners will take far more out of the system than they ever put in, what with all the related perks they get. Even those with private pensions should either contribute or loose part of their benefit.

ps I am over 60 and would be keen to work for my pension.

  woodchip 22:23 24 Oct 2012

I am 76 and would readily work if I was fit enough. The one suggesting the above will not have to worry about his pension, Tax Payers are already paying him for it, They need to see how the other half live for just six months would prove a point

  bremner 23:11 24 Oct 2012

Clearly those not fit enough to work for their pension should have it reduced accordingly.

  lotvic 23:34 24 Oct 2012

quiller, if you are willing and able to work for your pension, why aren't you already doing it like the majority of us already do. Lollipop men/women, Charity shops, unpaid babysitting, listening to reading practice for young children, giving emotional support, carers, gardening/shopping/errands for less able neighbours and relatives, giving advice on helproom forums, etc etc.

Hmm, reading that back it sounds just like a proper community where we take (unpaid) care of each other.

As Woodchip says "They need to see how the other half live"

  Forum Editor 23:39 24 Oct 2012

"Sounds reasonable."

No, it doesn't, it sounds very silly, and any government that tries to introduce such a law will face a massive backlash at the ballot box.

The implications of having older people looking after even older people are too awful to contemplate.

  Quiller. 23:49 24 Oct 2012


Already do. I am the main carer for a 40 year old serverly disabled male.

  Forum Editor 23:56 24 Oct 2012

Working after retirement is fine, if it's a voluntary thing.

Coercing people to do it with a threat that they'll lose some of their pension if they don't is a ludicrous proposal, and it will not happen.

  Al94 23:56 24 Oct 2012

Would it not be better having older people looking after even older people rather than no one looking after them?

  Al94 23:58 24 Oct 2012

I agree that co

  Al94 00:00 25 Oct 2012

I agree that coercement is not the way forward.

  lotvic 00:51 25 Oct 2012

quiller, then perhaps you'll agree that Lord B "The peer is a member of a committee investigating demographic changes and their impact on public services" doesn't realise that the majority of able 'retired' people are already a positive part of society. I think he is seriously out of touch with the real world of the retired.

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