restoring black car trim

  martd77 08:48 16 Feb 2008

Ive used the usual back to black and the autoglym bumper restore pack yet my black trim is still very greyish in parts.
There was a tv program on called wrecks to riches they were using smooth peanut butter to restore the black trim.
Before i rush out to the supermarket has anyone actually tried this?
Any other products?

  Forum Editor 08:53 16 Feb 2008

will have a temporary effect - WD40 being a favourite - but I've heard of nothing that will effect a permanent restoration.

  crosstrainer 08:54 16 Feb 2008

But might be worth a look:

click here

  Quickbeam 09:22 16 Feb 2008

Try Black shoe polish... another dealer trick, but as the FE says, they're not permanent. Once they've gone off the forecourt the purpose of all the dealer tricks has been served!

  laurie53 09:54 16 Feb 2008

Like Quickbeam - black shoe polish.

Experiment - some brands give more durable results that others.

  Stuartli 10:08 16 Feb 2008

AutoGlym Bumper Care - use a nail brush to get it into the plastic surface (I presume you've got car wax on the bumper's surface).

  Belatucadrus 11:43 16 Feb 2008

click here may be worth a try.

  carver 11:45 16 Feb 2008

Before you start putting anything onto the bumper give it a good clean with something like jiff or whatever it's called now.
Any cream kitchen cleaner should do the job, use it with a scubing brush and a bit of eater mixed in then rinse it off.
After that allow it to dry then try one of the bunper back to black packs.

The biggest problem is that most people don't remove all the crap thats stuck to the plastic.

  Bingalau 11:55 16 Feb 2008

My bumper's blue and is covered in a myriad of car park scrapes and scrathes.. I think I will leave it as it is.

  SB23 12:08 16 Feb 2008

I've always used WD-40, and found that the black look stays longer than with the back to black products.

I used to know a bloke that used old engine oil, but as for the safety implications with using that I have no idea, and therefore wouldn't suggest its use.

Try WD-40 it works.


  jack 12:15 16 Feb 2008

My bumper's blue and is covered in a myriad of car park scrapes and scratches.. I think I will leave it as it is..............
Me too- because my pad is behind the house at an odd angle there is an almost certain chance of a scrape getting out.
Over years the cars have had chrome or black rubber and whacking the fence a bit did not matter[or show] - much
The current beast has in common with most others body coloured plastic
I scraped it on day one learning to get in/out - 5 years ago- rubbed it painted- scraped it- rubbed it painted it some more -
Come the spring and some warm days I guess I'll do it again- after that I feel - it'll stay like it.

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