Respect for referees?

  Si_L 23:19 23 Aug 2008

Sorry, not football this time, but Taekwondo.

The former champions attempt to defend his title ended when he spent more than the allowed minute on the floor for injury, and replied by kicking the referee in the face!

click here to see the video.

  Forum Editor 23:30 23 Aug 2008

and rightly so.

  octal 23:50 23 Aug 2008

Absolutely disgraceful.

  Si_L 01:00 24 Aug 2008

Its such a shame to see such a talent wasted like that, but he deserved it, and the ban for life will not encourage anyone else to do the same.

  DieSse 01:09 24 Aug 2008

Maybe if the football authorities took a leaf out of their book, the childish behaviour of spoiled brats - oh, I mean footballers - would improve miraculously.

  dagbladet 08:29 24 Aug 2008

Oh dear, lets turn another thread into a dig at football.

  version8 11:07 24 Aug 2008

1 minute of madness has got this sportsman banned for life.
Rightly so & shows that you can not abuse the officals!

  DieSse 11:46 24 Aug 2008

"....a dig at football."

No - a dig at overspoilt, overhyped and overpaid footballers.

  dagbladet 11:50 24 Aug 2008

Why though? the thread is not about football.

  Si_L 11:53 24 Aug 2008

Over spoilt how exactly? Over-hyped - how is that any of their own fault if the media hypes them up to sell their newspapers? Overpaid - would you not want their wages? They want as much money as they can, just like anyone in any job.

Anyway, this thread ain't about football, its about referees getting kicked in the face. Stay on topic!

  spuds 13:44 24 Aug 2008

Being Cuban, I wonder what sort of welcoming home party he and his coach will have!.

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