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Requests and Problems wiith New Forum Lauout

  robin_x 12:53 07 Jun 2015

There seems to be a few threads

My Request:

After posting a reply, or otherwise, please could the quick link to the room be returned to nearby the bottom of the room? (above the Reply box>)


And "Get Updates by Email" mostly doesn't result in an email. But that feature has been very intermittent for donkeys' ages

  robin_x 12:55 07 Jun 2015

And I'd love to be able to change Lauout to Layout

  robin_x 12:57 07 Jun 2015

And wiith (rolling eyes, shaking head and chuckling

  bumpkin 13:11 07 Jun 2015

Early days robin, your wishes may yet be granted:-)

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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