Reputation of PC World

  avid_gooner 21:09 22 Jul 2006

one of the major problems, and this applies to all businesses, is that those who recieve a good service dont voice their satisfaction half as much as those who were angry!!!

  SG Atlantis® 21:19 22 Jul 2006

Bought my machine of them and voice my opinion many times on the forums....

They are extremely convenient - go and collect it off the shelf!
A big business that will be here tomorrow and the day after.
Depending on how the stores run, you can get oodles and oodles of good honest help.
One guy imparticular at my local is one hell of a sales guy, knows everything, a pleasure to talk to.

Had my machine 8 months now, a Compaq, and it has given ROCK solid performance it gets used and abused 15 hours a day, every day. Only one crash due to dodgy mouse drivers that I installed and qucikly removed again.

I would recommend them, though you should do a bit of research before buying a PC not just from PCW but anywhere...

  avid_gooner 21:21 22 Jul 2006

lol i work for them! i think there was something mentioned on a previous forum about morale of the team and i can tell you it makes a huge difference. however the attitude of the customer also affects how welkl they're treated i believe

  ajm 22:16 22 Jul 2006

On the subject of PC World, did anyone see the BBC consumer program "Are we being served?"

  tlionhart 23:51 22 Jul 2006

yes i did.

Pc world are ok, they have some flaws to them.
I got a pacard bell from them a few years ago-still runs well!
However in store, they always seemed understaffed and some people in there give you the wrong advice! For example i brought a TFT monitor and it had a dead pixel...the lady in there went to get me another one, but said that too had a dead pixel, wanna still buy it? -why sell stuff like that?! Its not what your paying that money for!

  Totally-braindead 10:29 23 Jul 2006

I don't like PCW personally. I know theres lots of satisfied customers and I do realise you only see the complaints. Having been on this Forum for some time now I have seen complaints about almost every PC manufacturer and realise that the problems some people have are the minority. Most people buy a PC and it works perfectly from day one.

However a few years ago a salesman in PCW tried to sell me a more expensive computer than the one I was looking at declaring that the cheaper computer having an AMD processor had problems running certain programs as the AMD processor had a problem with these programs. If I bought the more expensive Intel based system I would have no problem. It wasn't anything to do with the speed he assured me it was the way the processors were made. I decided the guy was an idiot and built a custom one myself instead. The first of many I add.

This was some time ago now and I'm sure the staff are much better trained but apart from some of the specials they have I personally find them rather pricey. Very handy if you absolutely must have it now but I don't use them.

Sorry avid_gooner.

  oresome 10:44 23 Jul 2006

I'm not aware of any other national specialist PC retailer to do a comparison with.

Most small PC retail outlets don't inspire confidence that they will still be trading in 6 months time.

Not everyone wishes or has the confidence to purchase something so complex on-line.

The store layout allows you o browse at your leisure.

You can take it away with you when purchased and can easily take it back if it doesn't work.

There's a vast choice of products........need I go on?

  spuds 11:08 23 Jul 2006

The keyword here, is 'angry', and that is why people complain, sometimes at full volume.

Nothing like spending your hard earned ready's, then find that the after-care service is not 'what is or was' expected.

PC World offer a very good service, in respect of goods on the shelf, easy browsing and cleanliness of store and staff.

What PC World do fail on, is the general technical advice provided by some of the staff, and possible in-store management methods. If there is a good manager running the store, then this usually shows in the staff's freedom, especially with exchanges. Get a bad manager, and the staff's moral can be effected, and it can show.

Yes it is noted, that buying from PC World can be on a basis of slightly more expensive, but the facilities warrant this. But if you shop wisely, like using 'Collect from Store', then savings are available. Shouting a praise for any retailer is only warranted on very special occasions, as the general public expect and are entitled to good service from any establishment, after all, that's why you spend your money there, in the first place, isn't it?.

  wee eddie 14:19 23 Jul 2006

Depending on when you were talking to the Salesman in PCW. He could have been telling you the truth.

In the late 90's there were a number of games, and possibly other programs that needed special fixes to play on AMD Processors. I believe that it was something to do with the "Floating Point", whatever that is!

  Totally-braindead 19:16 23 Jul 2006

Interesting wee eddie, never heard of that. The thing is the PC he tried to sell me was nearly twice the price of the one I was looking at and the salesman/assistant looked as if he was about 12. Perhaps he did know his stuff and was telling the truth but I'd never heard it before and he didn't inspire any confidence.

That aside he did me a big favour really. Because I wasn't happy I built my own PC and have been happily upgrading and replacing for years which has probably saved me a small fortune.

I have to say that oresome makes a valid point. Who else can you compare them to? As far as I know PCW are the only national retailer of PCs and PC parts with actual stores nationwide and his point about them still being there a few months down the line is a valid one.
In my small town we have had 4 computer shops appear and then disappear in the past 3 or so years, none of them has even lasted 6 months. On the plus side we do have one that opened perhaps 8 or 9 months ago and still appears to be going strong. However its just a little place with not much stock and whos to say they too won't just vanish.

  skeletal 22:03 23 Jul 2006

Mixed feeling myself. Some time ago I went to my local branch to buy something. I had noted a price from their own web site. Needless to say, the shop price was higher but the chap said if I brought in a printed copy of the details and price, they would price match. I pointed out that it was odd that PCW shop could not look at their own site…but went home to get the print out. Went back and as promised, they price matched.

A few months later I tried the same thing, but this time having learned their (to me) odd methods, had already printed out details and price. I went to the cashier with my purchase. Much to my surprise she refused to price match. I told her PCW had done so earlier, but she then told me that PCW had never, ever price matched. This annoyed me intensely as, in effect, she was calling me a liar.

Not what I would call good service.


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