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  charmingman 10:33 21 May 2008

Hi all, i need some help here the street that we live on has recently (Last year) become a haven for drinkers & beggars, basicly our street is a "Dead End" but at the top there is a large street thats had MANY new bars open that was once laundrette's & bakery's etc, The local council has "NOT" asked for any feedback from the local residents on the noise & any problems that come with late night bars, Ive approached most of the residents & they "ALL" agree that something needs to be done as we are all sick of the street been used as a "Toilet" & waking up to fights or people screaming or arguing etc by the people that come out of the bars early in the morning (Upto 02:00AM), there is also the fact that we often wake up to Pizza/Kebab boxes thrown in our bins or garden or even the contents thrown in the streets & thats NOT acceptable, lastnight we was waken up at 01:30 by a group of drinkers arguing about something but they was shouting it & this is normaly a quiet street apart from weekends & sometimes Wed/Thur nights, This morning ive approached my local councilor & she suggested i create a petition with as many signatures as possible as what we have that is the main cause of the revelers is at the end of our street there is a "Cut Through" or "Cycle Track" & thats where all the drinkers are going when they have been kicked out of the bars, Has anyone got any suggestions for me as the councilor stated that the police "ARE" aware & so is the local council as residents have complained before about the noise & issues from the street with all the bars on it BUT havent stated its teh Cycle Track thats the reson the drinkers come down this street, also i must point out that there is a Manin Road with a footpath on both sides that they can also use that takes them inot town centre but they use the cut through as its slightly quicker... here's some pic for you:

click here
the one above is the cut through

click here
broken bottles all the time

click here
more broken bottles

click here
bottles left in the street

click here
then theres the rubbish thats left here

click here

click here
rubish & cans thrown in residents gardens

I would love to have any feedback or help from you all PLEASE..!

  interzone55 10:51 21 May 2008

I don't know what your situation is regarding councilors, but I'm lucky in that two of my council representatives are very good at campaigning on our (ie local residents) behalf.

You should have 3 councilors representing your ward, I suggest you contact all three, hopefully at least one will live in the area. Send them the photographs not the web links, print out the photos and post them. Try to be as clear as possible in the letter, but don't rant, it's off putting.

If you have evidence of any violence spilling out of the pubs onto the streets I would suggest you also write to the local chief constable - the police have the right to issue temporary closure notices to licensed premises, which can be extended, or made permanent, by court order.

More than anything you need to get other residents to back up your complaints, a single voice can be easily ignored, but 20 or 30 people are harder to ignore, especially of you also use the local press to promote your campaign.

  spuds 11:12 21 May 2008

The council have sweeping powers to deal with this matter, especially if enough residents make it an issue. The council can impose time or terms restrictions on licences including those of food outlets. Your councillor should know about this, and of the committees that deal with this type of thing, and its for her to approach these committees or the officers involved on the residents behalf.

The police would also have records of complaints and call-outs, and if the police regard the problem serious enough, they can present a case to the council for further possible actions. Have you approach the local police commander for your area?.

Another point that is perhaps worthy of consideration, is the problem of litter and waste disposal. Again this is for the council to deal with, especially if your council have a 'regimented' recycling procedure, and you and your neighbours might be accused of committing breaches of the regulations.

Friends of mine and their neighbours, had similar problems with a newly opened fast food establishment, a nice quiet location was turned into a wild west area in the evenings and early mornings. The people did not want the fast food place, but the council overruled them. The people in committee form spoke to the proprietors of the business but had a negative response. The final outcome, was all the resident collected all the rubbish left in the area, that was identified to the food place. They then deposited the rubbish, at the most inconvenient time,at the food premises involved. Their case was highlighted by having the local newspaper involved, at the time of returning the fast food goods. Not saying that you should do this, but it brought results in the end. The council,councillor and police then acted more swiftly on any complaints made.

The main point that you have to consider, is that 'all' residents agree and perhaps form an action group. There is no point in one or two people complaining, because the authorities will show very little interest.

  spuds 11:14 21 May 2008

Looks like alan14 beat me to it. I blame a slow keyboard ;o)

  Woolwell 12:07 21 May 2008

Pubs and clubs come under the Licensing Act 2003 and as a nearby resident you are what is termed "an interested party". One of the aims of the act is to prevent a public nuisance. You need to talk to your local authority's licensing department who should be able to give you guidance about making a representation about the nuisance. I would start with them then if there is no response speak to your councillor(s). You already seem to have evidence.

  charmingman 12:53 21 May 2008

Hi guys THANKYOU ALL so much for the input!!

One of the other things i forgot to mention which "spuds" did is that there is a influx of police pressence there, they are allways getting called out there & there has been many MANY accidents on that street..

  Forum Editor 17:35 21 May 2008

are renewable annually - there's an annual licensing session, which is either held in your local town hall, or in a court building.

Anyone can lodge an objection to the renewal of a license, but the licensing justices will want to have some very strong grounds before they will suspend a license - they're aware that by doing so they could be depriving someone of the means to earn a living.

Objections by the Police are treated very seriously however, and the police will -and do- object to renewals if they feel there's a particular problem. Usually this step isn't taken until the licensee has been warned by police several times, and warnings aren't given unless a premises has become a real problem - drugs, under-age drinking, serving after hours, and outbreaks of violence are all things that can lead police to issue warnings to licensees.

  charmingman 00:45 22 May 2008

thankx for yuor input FE...

  Chegs ®™ 03:37 22 May 2008

In your fifth photo I can see a wellington boot.That is not the kind of rubbish dropped by a drinker after a night out.If your certain the problems you describe are attributable to the bars/takeaways,then follow the advice offered here.Good Luck.

  pavvi 07:14 22 May 2008

I used to be a local councillor when I lived in Bristol. It might be worthwhile to see if all parties will come to a meeting (local licensees, takeaways and local councillors, plus people from the licensing department of your concil.). This means that it gives the local licensees (and that includes late opening food outlets as they have to have a license)the opportunity to get involved and help solve the problem. A one pronged attack on it will not work. It is in the interests of the pubs/bars and takeaway outlets to be involved.

See if people are willing to form an action group, and elect someone to speak for you, so that you don't have several people speaking at once. It can also then be reviewed with the bars etc., as times go on.

The local licesnsees will get involved in the meeting as otherwise it will make them look uninterested in solving the problem.

  laurie53 08:17 22 May 2008

This is a serious suggestion, but have you looked into the possibility of standing for the council yourself?

I have, and it's not for me, but I know that others in your situation have, and they have found a rewarding occupation for which they have discovered a real talent.

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