Renting a Haunted house

  Portal11 00:58 23 May 2011

Hiya guys/gals

This is an interesting Ghost story for those of you that believe in them, one of my best mates was made bankrupt last year and lost everything, so he had to move out of his mortgaged property with his wife and kids and find a private rented one,

He found a four bed roomed house for about £150 cheaper then they normally go for he arranged a walk around with the Estate Agents on behalf of the owner and they loved it, Four weeks later he moved in it and all was fine for six months until he started to change things in the house, before he started to change things he asked the owner if it was ok to knock a solid brick wall down to open the ground floor up, the owner was fine because the tenancy was taken out for five years and my mate agreed to put everything back when he handed the keys back,

After he pulled this wall down all hell let loose! I didn’t believe him to be honest? I believe in Ghosts but I’ve never had the luck of been able to see one? At first we thought it was just the pipes in the wall then one night his wife was laid in the bath and their youngest daughter who is 12 was watching TV downstairs, she heard a scream so she knew it was her daughter so she got wrapped up with the towel and ran downstairs when she got there her daughter was sat watching a the original 1930’s version of Wizard of oz! She asked her daughter what was wrong and her daughter was stunned? She said “Nothing” why? So clearly the scream hadn’t come from the daughter?

But when she had got back upstairs the bath is normally lined up with soaps and bottles of shampoo and conditioners you know like some people do! Well they was all stood upright in the bath water in a line from one end of the bath to the other and what was more bizarre is it seemed to be only the full or almost full bottles that was in the bath the near empty ones was left in place?? They were no one else in the house! Clearly this shocked my mate’s wife who is a school teacher and whilst she was at work she couldn’t stop thinking about it, She called my mate who is her husband who was at home in the house and he said that he had heard some bizarre noises in the house but they seemed to be coming from within the walls? But he couldn’t locate exactly where? They had been living in the house a while then they had other issues like things going missing then one of them they found in the downstairs toilet where nobody uses cause it’s a junk cupboard, then they found a letter which had been posted and was put on the work surfaces by their daughter for the mother to open, it was found in the fridge?

This all sounds very “John Carpenterish” but I can assure you it’s all very true! The local media know about the house so do the locals, My friend was forced to speak to the next door neighbour and ask if the house had a history? At first they was clearly denying it so not to scare them away also taking into consideration the daughters but then they told them it had nothing to do with the house but it was the ground it was built on? They said that in fact the neighbours had issues for years but had to get a priest in and he brought other people and they spent some time so on and so on.. Apparently the houses had been built on a private grave that was just wasteland for many decades then a builder bought the land via an auction then got planning and built the houses some years ago, The previous people who lived in the house was only there two years but no one else had an issue?

It seems that since they started to change things is when it all went wrong? As I stated at the beginning of this I have never seen a ghost then a while ago I went for a beer there and although I didn’t stay the night I had to use the toilet several times now this may of been the beer! I don’t deny that but I so something very hair rising behind me in the bathroom mirror! It wasn’t a person it was a form of something and it was something that made me very scarred and I have no intentions of every setting foot in that house again! And as coincidental as this may come the light in the toilet started to flicker unbelievably! I shouted AGGHH and bolted to the living room where my mate shot up out of the chair! I told him and he then decided something must be done,

They moved in with a lovely English Bulldog and they had to sell him because he went horrifyingly skinny through not eating? They had him at the vets and they said he is 100%? The dog would not enter the house unless you picked him up and he was a big dog, they had to have a huge dog kennel built for him and then the dog just went motionless and wouldn’t respond to anyone? They have had to move out of the house so many things happened there some that it’s not worth me putting on the forum cause I would imagine I would get some wisecracks but my friend is fighting the landlord for his deposit of £1600 the landlord is stating he bought the house as a “Buy to let” or did he? Did he know more about it then he is telling? But the landlord is also saying he wasn’t given the months notice and he wants the wall putting back which my friend has offered to get a builder in cause he don’t want to ever set foot in that place again!

  lotvic 01:09 23 May 2011

....have you just come back from the pub?

  Portal11 01:15 23 May 2011

Lovic i havnt drunk in weeks? why..

  lotvic 01:27 23 May 2011

spooky "who ya gonna call?"

  zzzz999 05:58 23 May 2011

Interesting story portal. When did the family hear about the house being haunted and did this happen around the same time as the wall coming down - I wonder if the family have scared themselves and then made everything that happens fit into a supernatural act. The bottles of soap could just have fallen into the bath; putting letters in the fridge - sadly my fridge has had more than letters put in it, we've had car keys, cups of hot coffee, etc people are busy and get distracted. The dog has been moved to a new house, hates it and takes the dog huff. Not eating is a common dog huff, my mates dog did that every time they took it on holiday.

Not decrying your genuine fears, just wondering the sequence of events and whether its a series of normal events combining with a local spooky story to create what your friends have suffered.

I don't think your friends have a leg to stand on regarding recovering their deposit, they have broken the lease and destroyed a wall in the guys house.

  Portal11 09:39 23 May 2011

Thanks Rick intresting points il chat to him later this week.

  morddwyd 16:35 23 May 2011

This is like the divide over faith, and people tend to be polarised.

Some people believe that unexplained happenings (and I've had plenty of those!) always have a rational explanation, others believe in a supernatural cause.

It is extremely rare for a person to be converted from one view to the other!

  ams4127 22:30 23 May 2011

Way back in the '60s I was going out with a girl in Norwich. One cold, still, frosty January night we joined with another couple and went for a drink in a pub just off the A47 between Norwich and Yarmouth, which had been recommended to us as being "a bit strange".

The four of us were the only people there and we ordered our drinks in the bar. Noticing a photo on the mantleplace which was facing the wall, one of the girls asked the landlady about it and was told that if it faced into the room, strange things happened. We turned it round and waited. After a few minutes it began to rain in the bar. Although somewhat surprised, we generally agreed that it was probably all a con.

The landlady then offered to take us all upstairs to prove that nothing in the pub was "a con".

She took us into a bedroom and had the girls sit on a couple of chairs. Myself and the other bloke were asked to examine the window carefully. It was one of the old type in which there are two panes which each open outwards and are secured by a latch in the centre and an adjustable bar at the bottom. She then asked us to shut and lock the window and close the curtains. We waited.

Suddenly the was an enormous crash and both windows flew open and started to bang bacwards and forwards while the curtains were flapping as though there was an enormous gale blowing, yet there wasn't a breath of wind in the room. The two girls were having hysterics and I must admit to being somewhat shaken. Having calmed the girls, we then examined the windows (all quiet now) again. There was no mechanical way for that trick to have been performed. Both myself and the other guy were both airframe fitters in the RAF and were well used to diagnosing mechanical problems.

None of us had even got halfway through our first drink but we left immediately. Outside it was still bitterly cold with frost on the ground and car, but still no wind.

What we saw was impossible, and don't forget this was way back in the '60s, as I said, and magic wasn't as clever as it is now.

I do not know if the place is still a pub, or even if it's still standing. I will happily take you there, and if it is still a pub, you may go in for a drink. I will stay in the car because nothing on God's earth would get me inside that place again.

I do not know what happened that night and can offer no logical explanation. I simple tell the story. Make of it what you will.

  zzzz999 04:12 24 May 2011

Having offered rational possibilities for what the OP's family experienced ams story reminds me of a rather spooky tale my own late father told and which he swore was true. As a young man on a Friday night he used to cycle down a country road to a pub in the next village frequented by young people. Almost without fail, each Friday he would meet his uncle Barney coming the other way heading to his favourite pub in the village my father had just left. Several weeks after Barney's death my dad was cycling down his usual Friday night route and whom should he spot but Barney coming towards him on the bike. Nothing untoward happened, Barney simply rode past him as he had done so many times previously. Only happened the once.

  ams4127 22:44 24 May 2011

I'll tell you another story too.

In the mid '80s I was serving at RAF Honington in Suffolk as the Aircraft Battle Damage Repair instructor on Tornados. 9 Squadron were based there in the Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) on the far side of the airfield.

One evening a young technician was sent to carry out an After Flight servicing on an aircraft in Has 3. Some time later he returned to the flight line office and signed the aircraft paperwork to confirm that he had completed the servicing. He then asked the Boss for the second aircraft's book so that he could sign that too. There was a silence for a moment or two, and he was told there was only one aircraft in that HAS. He insisted that he had just finished climbing all over two aircraft carrying out his task.

He was taken back to the HAS and, after it was unlocked, shown that there was only one aircraft in there. He swore blind that he had serviced ywo aircraft, in that HAS, a short time before.

When asked what the aircraft he had worked on, he pulled out a piece of paper and read out two serial numbers. The first number was correct, but the second one belonged to an aircraft which had crashed and burned in Goose Bay, Canada about a year previously, and before he had joined the squadron.

When he was told, he had to be escorted to the medical centre after passing out.

HAS 3 was subsequently emptied, locked and never used again.

  zzzz999 06:07 25 May 2011

A Ghost've taken that too far :-)

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