Rent Areas.

  Ex plorer 15:40 24 Apr 2013

A relative missed two monthly payments of rent 5 months ago, and now has missed three on the trot.

There has been no contact from the agency or owner and its a privet let. From what I under stand the rent was paid direct to the owner but were show around the flat by an agency.

Why is he getting away with it.

Its a prime let, and there was a guarantor for the first six months only. Its now around two years since they took the furnished let.

Any ideas.

  Ex plorer 15:43 24 Apr 2013

It was paid to the owner by internet banking on a monthly fixed date.

  carver 15:44 24 Apr 2013

YES, get him or her to pay some thing even if it's only a token sum and then contact either letting agency or owner before things get out of hand.

They could find themselves with out some where to live.

  carver 15:46 24 Apr 2013

Should have mentioned if they can't pay then go to CAB and get some advice immediately.

  Nontek 16:43 24 Apr 2013

I rent my home from a Private Landlord, rent is paid by monthly DD to the Landlords Agent. I have never met the owner, all contact has been via the Agent, so I would get your relative to contact Agent ASAP!

  lotvic 16:44 24 Apr 2013

It could be they haven't noticed yet. Now it's April (end of tax year) it will prob show up on accounts. If they paid a Deposit, arrears may be taken out of that.

  caccy 17:27 24 Apr 2013

We let a property, via an agent, and, although the payments are made via the agent, they are checked each month. The only reason for the landlord not chasing the rent I can think of is that the he is either not alive or not with it?

  namtas 17:41 24 Apr 2013

You asked why is he getting away with it? well he isn't getting away with it, he has defaulted on his payments and it hasn't been noticed yet. I hope that your relative has been putting money aside as one day shortly someone will come knocking.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:42 24 Apr 2013

They need to get this sorted out fast or, possibly very soon, the first contact from the owner could be the eviction notice.

  Ex plorer 23:30 24 Apr 2013

Lotvic Good point about Tax year I will be in touch with him tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice I will Pass some of the comments on. I agree he will still have to pay the areas no matter what I hope he sorts it out soon.

  spuds 00:49 25 Apr 2013

The problem might lie in three directions. A rather sloppy agent who is possibly not doing sufficient checking, a property owner who as a rather large portfolio and is reliant on their agent, and a rather sloppy tenant who as got away with things in the hope that they will continue. Nothing like living rent free?.

Whatever the case, the agent or the actual property owner will eventually find something wrong, and then take action.

There is also another possible twist in the tail. When the buy to let became very popular, many purchaser's bought the property on a mortgage arrangement, in the hope that the tenant would cover the mortgage. Some owners diverted the cash, and the mortgage payments ceased. The end result was a sudden visit by the mortgage lender with an eviction order?.

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