Renewing Your Driving Licence

  Quickbeam 21:01 15 Aug 2011

I just got my renewal notice today and thought 'didn't we discus that, and when?'

Well it was way back in 2008 and became quite controversial at the time. I thought the licence was still valid until the original expiry until we got underway. Well now I can see for myself that I do have to renew it, or it does indeed become invalid.

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  Aitchbee 22:43 15 Aug 2011

My DL was issued in 1977 - but the last time I looked at it was about 6 years ago. I vaguely remember the expiry date was about 2024. I will have to check that out...after I find it! I have not driven a car for 6 years, and I don't miss it.I 'lost' my original and had to get a duplicate; I hope I can find the duplicate as I will then have to get another duplicate.BTW I found the original but that is not valid any more. HB

  Condom 00:55 16 Aug 2011

I used to use the same photo for my Driving License, Passport, bus pass etc but now I can't do this. Seems like my photo which is accepted by all other Government Agencies is not good enough for the Passport Office. My new Driving Licence now uses a BW photo instead of the previous coloured one but at an increased cost. Baffling!!

  Quickbeam 07:13 16 Aug 2011

And you don't get a new plastic wallet to keep it in.

  wiz-king 08:06 16 Aug 2011

No Wallet! Mine needs replacing, its gone yellow and might crack if someone ever tries to open it.

  BT 09:01 16 Aug 2011


My new Driving Licence now uses a BW photo instead of the previous coloured one but at an increased cost. Baffling!!

But you still have to submit a COLOURED picture. The reason its in B&W on your license is that its burned on by laser rather than being a digital scan, and as yet they haven't got a laser that will burn in colour.

  Quickbeam 09:06 16 Aug 2011

They must be saving up for one from the increased renewal fee.

  rdave13 10:49 16 Aug 2011

I must be missing something here. Licence valid until '24 and have no photo on it and have had no request to do so.

  Quickbeam 10:56 16 Aug 2011

Unless you have to have a photo licence (HGV, PSV, taxi), it's optional. Keep to the old one for simplicity.

I've just done mine at the local post office, the photo and signature are sent electronically to DVLA for £24.50 all in. The licence is updated in real time and should be with me within 10 days. I don't suppose there's any chance they'll ever allow me to print my own off from an e-mail reply...

  Quickbeam 11:03 16 Aug 2011

I forgot to mention that my photo needed renewing for a 3rd October renewal, so therefore I'll get it with my HGV entitlement on. But that runs out on 5th October requiring a full medical etc, and as I don't intend to renew my HGV entitlement, you have to think that they're not very efficient at planning. A little common sense should tell them to get these two things synced together on vocational licences.

  Woolwell 11:22 16 Aug 2011

Common sense in the same thread as DVLA?

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