Removing oil from block driveway?

  Bingalau 17:16 27 Apr 2010

Has anyone got any ideas, or preferences for removing oil from block paving? I've googled it and there is a plethora of ways to do it according to the answers on there. Everything from the stuff that cats pee on, to bleach, to petrol etc. I know we have real experts on here so thought I would tap in to the fount of knowledge available... Thanks in advance. The spills were caused when my oil filter on my motor home cracked asunder. Why? only God knows. I was reversing in to the driveway after a weekend away and got out of the cab to see the drips everywhere as well as little pools here and there.

  Al94 17:18 27 Apr 2010

Cat litter first to soak it up then get a can of Gunk click here to remove the oil.

  Bingalau 17:26 27 Apr 2010

Al94 Thanks for that speedy reply I will try that tomorrow morning. Do I then hose the gunk down with water or use a power spray. I'm thinking of the sand between the blocks,as that's all there seems to be.

  wiz-king 18:11 27 Apr 2010

Put on the Gunk, brush it with a stiff broom then hose off.

  Forum Editor 18:30 27 Apr 2010

is critical to the stability of your paved area. It's kiln-dried sand, and is (or should be) strewn on the newly-paved area before running over it with a vibrating compactor. The machine vibrates the blocks, causing the sand to find its way down into the joints, locking them solid with a friction joint. The resulting paving - provided it has been well laid - can stand considerable loadings without deforming.

Once oil has seeped into the surface of the blocks it's almost impossible to totally remove it, the longer it's allowed to stay on the blocks the worse the damage will be.

The key is to get as much of the oil off the surface before you use any kind of solvent - a solvent will simply cause the oil to penetrate further in the block. Put a layer of cat litter or sand onto the oil patches and walk it in. Leave overnight, and shovel it up. a good deal of the oil should come off with it. The get ordinary washing up liquid and tip about half the bottle into another plastic bottle - an empty Coke bottle is perfect. Pour White spirit into the soap a little at a time and keep shaking the bottle. Eventually you'll see the mixture congeal into a Gel. Smear the gel onto the oil stains and use a stiff scrubbing brush in a circular motion, Don't scrub hard, just work the gel well onto the blocks. Leave overnight, and wash off with a brush and clean water.

Repeat this process until you're reasonably happy. If the oil has been on the blocks for more than a day or so you are unlikely to remove everything, but with care and patience you should get an acceptable result.

  alB 19:07 27 Apr 2010

One trick I've been told of in the past, although I've no experience of it myself, is to pour Coca Cola on the stain and leave overnight, then wash off with warm water, might be worth a try if all else fails ...alB

  onthelimit 19:50 27 Apr 2010

It's powerful stuff - try leaving a 2p piece in Coke overnight. I'll stick to pouring beer down my throat, I think (apropos absolutely nothing).

  peter99co 20:25 27 Apr 2010

I used to buy a product called G10 from a franchise that sold my firm Washing Products for the lorry fleet.

It was used as engine cleaner (degrease)

  peter99co 20:27 27 Apr 2010
  Computerdope 22:40 27 Apr 2010

I was told by an Aston Martin employee, head and shoulders shampoo worked in with a brush then washed off, worked a treat.

I havn't tried it myself, and he might of been pulling my wotsit, but he did sound convincing.

all normall disclaimers, etc etc..


  wee eddie 11:25 28 Apr 2010

Now your Driveway will be new and pristine.

In time it will pick up all sorts of marks and, with time, will gradually change colour. If you successfully clean the oil off, you will have a patch that is the original colour, which will stand out from the rest anyway.

Allow it to age gracefully with all it's battle scars intact!

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