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  peg 23:14 07 May 2008

FE, when a post is removed from a thread is there any way to indicate a post has been removed ?
It would make it a tad less confusing. not important I know but just a thought. ta very much

  Covergirl 07:53 08 May 2008

. . . and maybe we could have a "removed posts" link (with a suitable warning) so we can have a laugh at the offensive material . . .

  laurie53 08:29 08 May 2008

Would it not have been better to ask the FE directly, or are you seeking support?

  wee eddie 11:10 08 May 2008

they contain statements that would get the Publishers, e.g. PCA, into legal Trouble, either because they are libellous, sexist, racist, or any one of the group of 'ists that the law or the T&Cs here do not allow.

  dagbladet 15:30 08 May 2008

I may be barking up the wrong alley (to mix my metaphors), but i wonder if peg is meaning that; if a post (not thread) within a thread is removed after replies have been made to the offending post, the replies are still visible and consequently don't seem to make sense.

I think.

  al7478 15:52 08 May 2008

i concur with your reading. some other sites do it with a simple "post deleted by moderator" or such like. there was a thread i saw yesterday wich was confusing for exactly the reason you gave.

  peg 17:28 08 May 2008

I wanted to know if we cuold have some kind of symbol that a post has been removed,I dont whant to see what was in the post or to know why it was removed just that one has been removed.
I put it on speakers corner to see what others
spot on :-)

  Forum Editor 18:43 08 May 2008

because there's a danger of overloading the site with gizmos, and to be honest this is the first time in over seven years that anyone has raised the point - we've managed pretty well as we are.

When I delete a post I usually take a careful look to see if the deletion affects the context of the discussion, or if it leaves 'orphan' posts - which refer to the deleted text, and look odd when it's gone. If there are such posts I'll delete them, too, and often I'll post a quick note to the thread to explain what's happened. Usually (but not always) I email the person who was responsible for the offending post, to explain why I deleted it. I don't do that in cases where it will be so obvious as to require no explanation - when there's obscene language, for instance.

Often the author of the deleted text responds with an apology, or indicates that he or she understands whay happened, and why. Sometimes I'm treated to an abusive tirade, but after all this time I'm used to that - it doesn't ruffle my feathers in the slightest. I don't normally discuss individual deletions in the forum because I feel it's something that's best kept between me and the person concerned.

  peg 18:57 08 May 2008

understood thanks for the response.

  Forum Editor 19:09 08 May 2008

You're welcome

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