The remnants of one of the great - or is it?.

  spuds 17:15 20 Sep 2015

Vince Cable recently released his book 'After the Storm', and here is part of that book click here was wondering if this as anything to do with possible rumours, that a new political party is in the forming, with possibly some well known names involved. Possibly similar to when Jenkins and the gang of four well known politicians joined forces and formed the Social Democratic Party (SDP), because they were not happy the way British politics was heading.

Food for thought, for those interested!.


  oresome 17:48 20 Sep 2015

They say there's no fool like and old fool.

I'm sure a couple of young attractive seemingly impressionable female reporters did contribute to his unfortunate boasting despite his denial, but he's not the only one who likes to boast.

Two previous foreign secretaries have just been acquitted of any wrongdoing after boasting of their abilities in a sting operation. A decision that has had a number of critics.

  Forum Editor 18:17 20 Sep 2015

Politics needs more people like him.

  Dragon_Heart 00:23 21 Sep 2015

What better way to publicise a book than for it to contain a few political rumors ?

..... and how long after their formation did the SDP officially 'die' ?

  kad292 02:08 21 Sep 2015

They say that flattery gets you everywhere and politicians flatter themselves the most.

  spuds 11:04 21 Sep 2015

Politics needs more people like him.

Which might be true at one stage, but losing a reasonably secure political seat having held it for 18 years must have been a real body blow. I suppose being accused of selling off the Royal Mail at a knock-down price, making a number of people very rich on the proceeds, didn't help his future political career much. Even though he insisted he did the right thing and got the fairest price.

The May election deprived him not just of his cabinet job as business secretary, but of the Twickenham seat he had held for the Lib Dems for 18 years (from the article).

I suppose its a bit like Gordon Brown, massively praising the banker's at their annual get-together, then seeing the worlds banking systems collapse and further accusation of Libor transactions. I might even suggest that selling of the UK gold reserves at knock-down prices, also made people think about just how some politicians may think or work, that perhaps eventually leads to their downfall.

Ignore the voters at your peril is possibly something to consider, especially if you regard your position or own principles as secure or un-challengeable.

  spuds 11:14 21 Sep 2015

"..... and how long after their formation did the SDP officially 'die' ?"

I still recall very clearly hearing about this new party, and especially so, listening to a radio broadcast on the day of official statements regarding what the SDP was going to be about. Truthfully, most people I spoke to, including myself felt a total relief that British politics was in for a major change or long awaited shake-up. And more and especially so, due to the fact that those leading 'new' this party were seasoned veteran's of the UK political arena.

But alas, like all good and sincere intentions, it all failed, and I don't think we need to look very far, to see why.

  roy170 11:16 21 Sep 2015

Politics needs more people like him.

Is that rejected by his constituents, had a hand in bring the party to it's knees and cast into the wilderness. Or his foresight and charisma when he was a politician.

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