A reminder of the world wide net

  Graham. 23:20 31 Aug 2009

We can see live pictures from the other side of the world click here

  lotvic 00:13 01 Sep 2009

Thanks for the reminder, and the link :)
It's time I explored more of the world's webcams and I intend to do so from now on :))

  Graham. 23:38 09 Sep 2009

Click on the magnifying glass, when available, the picture is stunning. Worth bookmarking.

  lotvic 00:10 10 Sep 2009

Sure is, I clicked on the High Res and the magnifying glass :)

  crosstrainer 04:28 10 Sep 2009

What a great link!.. A few years back, a client of mine sent me a link to a live site in Africa, where tigers could be viewed..Sadly not available any longer, but Panama Canal live will do for me!

  Rigga 09:27 10 Sep 2009

Tigers in Africa.. Now that would be worth seeing.. ;)


  crosstrainer 09:38 10 Sep 2009

Oops....Wrong country...I think it was India, and was a live video feed..Memory is a little fuzzy at the moment though. :))

  johndrew 11:48 10 Sep 2009

".. Memory is a little fuzzy at the moment though."

I think the usual response for such a comment is to take more water with it ;-))

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