remembrance day and wearing poppies

  Ungus 10:01 04 Nov 2015

Why are people in the public eye given a hard time for not wearing poppies weeks days before the 11th day 11th month 11th hour. I thought the whole point of remembrance was to remind people of the futility of war and those that fought in especially the first war were murdered on an industrial scale for a sense freedom. Surely that freedom should include not wearing a poppy. I some times get a bit uneasy about it and feel we are bordering on celebration rather than commemoration. For me i go to the chapel on the 11th of the 11th to remember my family who were killed i think that is more personal and more meaningful than big parades.

  Gordon Freeman 10:46 04 Nov 2015

I seem to recall one person in the public eye, a news presenter (Charlene White) refusing to wear one when presenting the news. She got a lot of racist flack over it via social media. Her stance was that she supported many other mainstream charities which she wasn't permitted to give exposure to whilst on TV, so why should Poppy Day be an exception, which is a fair point. However, she did concede she did wear one privately when not on screen.

  Forum Editor 11:22 04 Nov 2015

Criticising people, whether or not they are in the public eye, for not wearing a poppy is petty behaviour akin to criticising people who don't observe the silence.

It's a personal decision, and one which has no bearing on whether or not an individual respects those who gave their lives for their country.

Remembrance Sunday is what it is, an opportunity to remember and reflect. How we do the remembering and reflecting or whether we do it at all, is nobody's business but our own.

  Flak999 12:25 04 Nov 2015


"Not worn a poppy for many, many years."

Now, why does that not surprise me!

  john bunyan 14:13 04 Nov 2015

I wear a poppy to remember . Firstly. My father - KIA Bomber Command 1943, my uncle- D.SC. Normandy 1st wave, and a number of personal friends from RM KIA until very recently,and all those from the 2 World wars. None of them chose to fight- they were ordered to fight by various governments, so making a point of not wearing one seems to me wrong. It is a personal choice , as has been said, but to use the act of not wearing it as a way of objecting to the conflicts seems to me to miss the point.

  john bunyan 14:46 04 Nov 2015

The other point is that the money raised goes to the veterans who need it

  Forum Editor 15:49 04 Nov 2015

"The other point is that the money raised goes to the veterans who need it

Lots of people contribute to collection boxes without taking a poppy. I'm one of them. Like many others, my family has a long history of military service and I certainly want to help veterans. I don't see the necessity for wearing a badge to proclaim it, however, so I don't.

I know there are those who refuse to wear poppies for other reasons, but that's everybody's right as I said in my earlier post. I wouldn't presume to question it.

  flycatcher1 11:02 05 Nov 2015

I wear a poppy to remember those who have died in the Service of this Country. I remember, particularly, ny namesake who died 100 years ago and my Cousin with whom I shared an RAF trade KIA over Germany. The money goes to a good cause - the British Legion - to support ex-Service men/women in difficult circumsatnces.

Wearing the Poppy should be optional and not enforced by the BBC and others and definitely not worn before 1 Novvember.

  Forum Editor 12:04 05 Nov 2015

"...definitely not worn before 1 Novvember."

Amen to that.

  wee eddie 12:19 05 Nov 2015

A bit like Festive Postings then!

  Forum Editor 18:53 05 Nov 2015

wee eddie

Not long to wait.

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