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Remember we are ALL in this together

  carver 21:15 19 May 2013

Just seen this enter link description here and thought about how we have been told we must all pull together to get us out of this mess.

No big pay rises for nurses, redundancy's in the army, pensioners to get about £3 a week, a one percent salary increase for all public sector workers for 2013 and 2014. you get the idea and they could get in one pay rise what some people have to live on for a year.

I realise that they may have to wait but I don't think they will mind too much if it comes off.

  carver 09:51 21 May 2013

F.E Just one item here enter link description here about 70 MP's who have agreed to repay money.

Another little extract,

"Sir Thomas Legg recommended that 389 MPs, more than half the current and past MPs reviewed, should repay £1.3m."

story here enter link description here now f.m will say that nothing was illegal in the practice carried out but in another posting certain posters complained about people who take advantage of the tax system so they pay hardly any tax.

Now I can not see the difference between the two groups, both have used a flawed system to pad their wallets at our expense, maybe you can spot a difference and you can explain it.

Maybe 70 is a minority or even 389 is a minority but that does not include the ones who have actually been jailed for fraud, (I would have called it theft) but it's still a lot.

Now the definition of minority is anything less than 49% but even if that is the case it's still a lot of MP's ripping us off.

  kad292 17:54 21 May 2013

Honesty ,it is so overvalued,the 'squeaky clean brigade'point fingers and the not so clean give a 'universal sign',rich or poor people will try to circumvent the 'accepted' rules and unfortunately these days shame does not apply.

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