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Remember we are ALL in this together

  carver 21:15 19 May 2013

Just seen this enter link description here and thought about how we have been told we must all pull together to get us out of this mess.

No big pay rises for nurses, redundancy's in the army, pensioners to get about £3 a week, a one percent salary increase for all public sector workers for 2013 and 2014. you get the idea and they could get in one pay rise what some people have to live on for a year.

I realise that they may have to wait but I don't think they will mind too much if it comes off.

  Joseph Kerr 11:58 20 May 2013

Yes, point taken, FM.

  carver 16:48 20 May 2013

f.m they are so hard done by, poor MP's on a miserly £65750 a year + expenses + housing being paid by us while they exchange properties so they can claim rent from each other.

Hardly time to do any thing else while helping to run the country, well apart from people like him enter link description here or even some of these enter link description here or another article here enter link description here.

Yes it's a hard job with so little reward apart from having the moat cleaned or the duck house sorted.

  oresome 17:22 20 May 2013

On the wider issue, I agree that the state costs too much as a proportion of GDP.

The biggest chasm is in public sector pensions, largely unfunded and way better than the private sector can offer.

  john bunyan 17:28 20 May 2013

To avoid this constant problem, I think MP's should receive a salary equal to Army ranks, or Civil Servants. Say a back bencher equal to a Major (about £57k or a Lt Col ( abt £78k) , Ministers maybe a Col or Brigadier (£100k). In this way the issue becomes non political.

  Forum Editor 18:20 20 May 2013

john bunyan

So, by your reckoning the Secretary of State for defence - a person who makes billion pound decisions on a regular basis,and decisions about how our armed forces should be equipped and deployed should be paid the same as a colonel of a regiment?

  carver 18:47 20 May 2013

f.m whatever you say must be right, these poor MP's who have to have all this extra money and a pension to die for.

But just answer this one question, why can't they wait and get this country back into a solvent state before expecting 10-20 thousand £ extra per year.

Even when they get decent expenses they still have to go that bit extra enter link description here to drag the last penny out of us.

Or if you don't like your bit of IT equipment get an I pad enter link description here for free.

They expect the rest of society to manage on 1%- 2% pay rise why are they so special and when you take inflation into effect most people are living on less than 3 years ago.

  bumpkin 19:23 20 May 2013

Never mind the needy what about the greedy sums it up.

  carver 19:44 20 May 2013

Link here enter link description here to that bit about free iPads and don't fret f.m it's nothing to do with the Mail.

One thing I didn't know was how much we spend on free IT equipment for MP's and their staff.

sorry wouldn't allow me to make it shorter

  carver 19:49 20 May 2013
  carver 21:09 20 May 2013

f.m "As I said before" yes you do tend to repeat yourself.

But then f.m you do tend to insult people a lot, I've tried to not be nasty or personal but you always want to start a personal argument for some reason.

Is there some thing bothering you and you feel the need to be nasty to people.

That statement of yours "So, now you don't think MPs should be properly equipped to carry out their duties."

It's funny but I believed they received expenses for items to do with their job as well as a salary, and at no time have I implied any thing like that, so that is another made up story to bolster an argument of yours that is steadily going downhill.

Wasn't it you who in a previous post said some thing like " once you get personal then you are losing the argument"

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