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Remember we are ALL in this together

  carver 21:15 19 May 2013

Just seen this enter link description here and thought about how we have been told we must all pull together to get us out of this mess.

No big pay rises for nurses, redundancy's in the army, pensioners to get about £3 a week, a one percent salary increase for all public sector workers for 2013 and 2014. you get the idea and they could get in one pay rise what some people have to live on for a year.

I realise that they may have to wait but I don't think they will mind too much if it comes off.

  T0SH 21:45 19 May 2013

Perhaps it should read

"We are all in this together(Except the rich they are to be excluded from the hardship after all they are used to better things and would not know how to deal with it)"

Cheers HC

  Forum Editor 22:58 19 May 2013

"Except the rich they are to be excluded from the hardship after all they are used to better things and would not know how to deal with it"

Of course rich people are better able to weather a storm, and of course they're 'used to better things', they're rich.

It's a strange aspect of the British psyche that we seem compelled to despise anyone who acquires wealth. In other countries, notably America and Australia in my personal experience, people who do well are admired and respected, and seen as role models. The acquisition of wealth isn't looked upon as some kind of crime, something to be derided and despised.

Recommendations about parliamentary salaries are now made by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, and not, was previously the case, by a committee of MPs. It's difficult to imagine how it could be done differently, in the sense of being more impartial.

  spuds 00:01 20 May 2013

This story is a bit of old hat now, because the possible increase as been on the cards for a little while now. It was originally proposed that £20.000 was a realistic increase, but that consideration as now been reduced to a possible £10.000, with reduced 'rights and allowances' as part of the bargain. So perhaps not making the proposed increase as attractive to some MP's as first thought?.

Off subject regarding this particular event. But possibly regarding politicians 'wages', when my local town appointed the new role of 'Mayor' to a previous MP who resigned his MP's post early, it was stated the amount the Mayor and his assistant's would get. Shortly after, there was talk about increases of salary, expenses, terms and conditions etc, and a supposedly independent committee was appointed to conduct and agree on a 'suitable' wage. The amount the independent committee came up with was about twice the figure previously agreed or noted at the time of elections for Mayor. The public made it quite clear that the increase was not acceptable, and the public won the day.

What we didn't realise, was the severance pay the Mayor and his deputy plus assistant's were getting, even after a short period in the job!.

  kad60 07:41 20 May 2013

Give them the rise but take away the 'free' house they are allowed to sell,it should remain in Government hands for the next occupant,also their ridiculous £24.000 per annum they can supposedly claim for their home improvements.Have complete transparency on all expense claims and demand receipts,no receipt -no remuneration.

  Quickbeam 07:48 20 May 2013

Some will always be be more all in it together than others.



It's just a coincidence that the pigs always seem to be noticed to be carrying away the excess fat of the land better. than the lambs...

  sunnystaines 08:14 20 May 2013

i am sure i read somewhere the other day MP's going to get a ten grand pay raise.

  carver 08:39 20 May 2013

f.m "I suspect it will be quite difficult to determine what the true net effect is but this is a first move towards a more transparent system for paying MPs."

Just one problem, first you have to have a more transparent system of who picks these people, "Four top officials are leaving the MPs' expenses watchdog after a spat with Commons Speaker John Bercow." these have been replaced with people he has chosen, now this may be all above board but it does give the impression that he has who he wants on the board.

And guess what, he is one of the most out spoken people about how MPs' are under paid.

It's a funny business being an MP, starting pay is £65750 + expenses and a pension any ordinary person could never afford, enter link description here and when asked to pay more towards it this year it got deferred.

It's not whether they deserve a pay rise or not but we are in dire straits in this country and we have not even got over the scandal of MPs ripping this country off for illegal expense claims and they are already back at the trough demanding more.

Why is it so hard for them to realise that we need to get the economy back to growth before asking for more, or are they such a special breed they can't even manage on more than a £1200 a week, especially when IDS said so famously he could manage on £53.

  Joseph Kerr 11:34 20 May 2013

I believe a backbench MP gets 60-odd K P/A. I find it hard to think of that as poor pay.

  Forum Editor 11:46 20 May 2013

Joseph Kerr

"I find it hard to think of that as poor pay."

Is anyone suggesting that it is? It's slightly less than say, a Police Superintendent gets, and about £20,000 less than an average GP who is not a partner in a group practice (a partner receives, on average, £103,000. It's about £10,000 less than the manager of a big supermarket receives.

It is, in my opinion, too low for someone who is a member of our National parliament.

  Joseph Kerr 11:56 20 May 2013

Yes, FE, Mr Member seemed to be suggesting exactly that.

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