remeber this i was there

  ronalddonald 14:01 02 Jun 2010

click here

they should never ever allowed this meeting to have taken place

  sunnystaines 14:52 02 Jun 2010

i remember when southall had two street gangs of sikhs that used to attack each other with hockey sticks one was called holy smoke.

were you involved in any of them?

  ronalddonald 15:21 02 Jun 2010

and the other tooti nungs

  ronalddonald 15:25 02 Jun 2010

but that ain't the point im making here, im talking about the racist police, the racist BNP and a murder of Gurdip Singh Chaggar and the death of Blair Peach.

and as usual the Police deny they ever do anything wrong

  eikonuj 16:26 02 Jun 2010

how do you know that Gurdip Singh Chagar and Blair Peach weren't racist too?

  Admiral Allstar 16:28 02 Jun 2010

why do you say the police and bnp are racist?

  sunnystaines 16:43 02 Jun 2010

i do not think our police are racist, just look at other nations and you will see we are lucky to have a good police force not perfect but much better than elsewhere.

  bremner 17:52 02 Jun 2010

The police excepted almost immediately that Blair Peach had died after being struck on the head by a police officer. Officers were identified but sufficient evidence to bring a prosecution could not be found. It could be said that the recent apology should have been made sooner.

Having spent six years working in Southall from 1990 I can certainly say the place had moved on considerably at that time, from the late 70's.

The two gangs were there but caused relatively little trouble.

Asian v White violence was almost non existent.

The biggest inter race issues were between those from Asian and Somalian backgrounds.

  ronalddonald 18:21 02 Jun 2010

On some estates there is violence between aisan and white and the bnp is still in some vry minute patches.

Ive already been called racist names, I still say the police are racist regardless of what they claim.

I still see one or two faces from Hounslow who supported

  Admiral Allstar 19:10 02 Jun 2010

"Ive already been called racist names, I still say the police are racist regardless of what they claim."

you say you have been called racist names - is that by the police? or others?

you still say the police are racist, please provide some grounds for this comment.

  wee eddie 23:27 02 Jun 2010

There will be a wide selection of views.

There will be Racists among the Police, the Accountants, the Sikhs, the Rastafarian's, the Muslims, the Christians, even the Buddhists.

That does not say that all members of any of those groups are Racist, just that humanity is a jigsaw of views.

We should try to avoid any group, that is intolerant of another, to hold sway.

Perfect balance is not possible, but seeking it is as good a way as any of living a full life.

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